Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Musings. [February 13, 2011]

I often wonder if it's the fear of the unknown that stops us from trying, or something else entirely, like the knowledge that if we actually tried we could be so much more than what we are, and that stupifies us to the point of never moving forward. I take stock of my own life and when I see opportunities that I missed, I wonder how many of them I deliberately chose to avoid because I was afraid of my own ability to do well. I wonder if we skip chances because we can't cope with the idea that we were born with a greatness which shouldn't be contained. I'm not saying that we're all superstars and we just won't admit it to ourselves, I'm just asking - are we living up to our own potential? Are we as amazing as we could be? Can we do more, be more, love more, LIVE more? Are we trapped by our own shortcomings, unable to see just how far we could go? I was struck by this realisation that I alone could do something marvellous, even if it was just for one person, one time, and maybe that by doing so, I could affect someone's life in an amazingly positive way. Maybe THAT could be my opportunity for greatness. I don't think I'll know if I don't try. How can anyone know if they don't? Let us LIVE and be who we were meant to be. I don't want to be afraid anymore, and I don't want to hold back.

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