Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I remember. [June 5, 2011]

I wake up some days, and in this haze, I remember.

I remember times gone by, love, laughter, joy, times that felt right.

I wonder, how can it be? Seems like just yesterday we felt unequivocally alive.

I look back, it all appears strange now. A foreign concept - lived, yet unidentified.

I cry, for all the memories that are gone - erased, forgotten, lost.

I never thought for once that they could die.

I let this feeling sink in for awhile - past is past, it won't come back.

I step forward, it becomes alien once again.

I find memories are comfortable - it is easier to live in; gentle, known, safe.

I lose myself, escaping the reality.

I am at a stand still - unsure where to go, terrified I might know.

I begin to wander; aimless, simply moving to keep from disappearing.

I reach out - to hold on, to touch, to see.

I learn, I understand, I breathe.

I find a purpose - it is there, it always has been, I had to find it.

I embrace the future, what it holds, who is there, what we'll share.

I think, "Yes, here is where I'll be."

I remember, life, this is where it will take me.

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