Friday, 28 October 2011

Leave your 'unfinished business' at peace please.

Okay firstly: wow. Just wow. We were promised ghosts, drama, and more ghosts - and that's what this episode delivered. TVD certainly does not disappoint.

The opening scene is eerily deja vu, as Damon put it. Here sits our hunk, Mas- oh. It's Damon skewered to a chair, while Mason watches in the background. Damon thinks it's Stefan who's playing a "twisted ripper game", but no. It's ghost Mason - out for revenge! (Or so we think at first ;))

We are introduced to Night of Illumination day, another founder's celebration. Jeremy is chilling with Alaric and looking oh-so-hot, as usual. Oh but wait, there's more. Ghost Anna is there and she's happy to give ghostly quips and clasp Jeremy's hand, while Ric and Elena stand there oblivious. Kinda creepy?

Bonnie and Caroline are having a D'n'M over Jeremy seeing Anna, and it's obvious Bonnie is hurting (can you blame her? I mean, she freaking brings Jeremy BACK TO LIFE and he's enjoying the spoils of life after death? Terrible boyfriend I tell you).

Damon rolls up in his Chevy looking gorgeously pissed off . I always chuckle at Damon's witty remarks, but these few are going in the favourites vault: "Greetings blondie, witchy." [cue Caroline and Bonnie's rolling eyes]. "Yeah well I don't have time for vengeful Lockwood - when I kill someone, they're supposed to stay dead." [Caroline and Bonnie are miffed].

Elena, Ric and Jeremy are talking about "the other side" and Elena deems that Lexi is the only way to reach Stefan. Little Anna watches on (albeit very sad-looking). Matt promises he hasn't seen Vicki, and wants no part of the ghostly business. Bonnie's grimoire blows open to a spell that "reveals veiled matter": basically code for "ghosts" (hoo boy). Back at the Grill table, Rippah Stefan rocks up and is sexier than ever. "Besides there's going to be people everywhere tonight. So there's going to be lots to eat". LOL.

Bonnie and Caroline are on a mission to do the 'revelation' spell, but before I go into that:

JANNA MOMENT: Jeremy decides before it's all over, he's gonna pucker up and kiss Anna (he kissed a ghost? A DEAD ghost? I suppose I shouldn't be grosed out, considering Elena's been macking out with dead people since the beginning). Actually it was a super sweet moment. Lots of heart flutters. Steven McQueen is delicious.

Damon tries to convince Ric that Mason is back for revenge, and Ric's still a tad angry at Damon for snapping his neck. Herein comes my favorite part of the episode: "Grams?" BAM. "Lexi?" SNAP. "God I miss whisky." HELLO. "Told ya." YEP.

Lexi is back and she's BADASS. I actually yelped out loud when I saw her - and I was super excited that she was going to try bringing Stefan's humanity back (though let's face it... that wasn't gonna happen).

Grams tells Bonnie she's upset the balance of nature and she needs to set it right by destroying Elena's necklace. Elena is crazy pissed at Anna and Jeremy for kissing, and rightly so. But that's going to have to wait - Lexi grabs Elena and takes her on a "ripper detox 101: crash course".

Mason tells Damon (shocker!) he doesn't want revenge, just an apology. And in order to get information about how to kill Klaus that's just what Damon has to do (which he does... awkwardly). Mason accepts the apology with a laugh, and tells Damon to meet him at the old Lockwood Cellar with a shovel (curious?).

We cut to the old jail, where Stefan is tied to a chair and Lexi warns Elena that dragging Stefan's humanity out of the depths of his soul won't be pretty (funny that). Then she does some weird mind-control thing whereby Stefan's veins start to pop out of his skin and he gargles in pain.

Meanwhile Damon joins Mason in the Lockwood cellar, and the two smash through a wall to "un-bury secrets". Damon wonders if Mason is leading him into a trap, and I'll admit - I thought he was too.

Lexi is still torturing Stefan and his snarky Rippah side is showing (as well as a cruel jab at Elena; UGH I cringed for her). Lexi reacts and tortures him further and explains to Elena that she "has to make him see past the blood". Elena doesn't take it so well, and has to bail.

Caroline is forced to tell Bonnie that Jeremy kissed Anna, but (always amazing) she steps up and tells Bonnie to power on!

Then MORE SHOCKERS. Some of the tomb vampires are back, and they are DEFINITELY out for revenge! The illumination lights are switched on and looky here - Tobias Fell has been strung to a tree, his guts spilling everywhere (yuck). Cue mad panic.

[note: I'm really hating on this 'unfinished business' crap. I wish ghosts would just find peace and leave]

After Elena comes up for air, she walks right into the middle of the madness (amazing shot here by the way - lights flashing behind Elena's head. Brilliant cinematography in this show). Bonnie and Caroline still can't find the necklace, and Caroline blames Anna (rightly so!). Jeremy believes her puppy dog eyes and Caroline tells him to wake up before he loses everything (damn straight!).

We jump back to Damon and Mason wandering through the caves and Damon gets a little more than poker-stabbed as chooses the opposite route to Mason's suggestion (no my poor baby!). It appears as though Mason has left him and my heart literally stopped (who was gonna save him?!).

Back at the town square, Elena tries to snap some sense into Jeremy and lo and behold, Anna produces the necklace (yeah, I saw that coming).

Wonderfully, Mason is back and chops Damon free, and Damon can't understand why. Mason tells him that all they do on the other side is watch people and regret decisions they've made (redemption not revenge!) and you can see that Damon is a tiny bit baffled (hopefully that draws some more of Damon's soulful side out).

Caroline is on FIRE this episode. Rescuing Mrs Lockwood as well as keeping Bonnie together. What a babe.

Anna and Jeremy share a super-sad moment where Anna confesses she hasn't been able to find her mum, and then she hands over the necklace. Meanwhile Lexi realises she's almost out of time and tries to use the necklace as a way to lure Stefan's humanity out. Stefan: "ironic then that it's about to get blown into pieces" - isn't it just?

Bonnie and Grams team up and cast their spell to destroy the necklace - and all the ghosts begin to disappear. The tomb vampires are the first to go, then Mason (before he gets to deliver an important message to Damon ARGH!), then Lexi (who passes on her fight to Elena), and then, saddest of them all - Anna. But not before she reunites with Pearl, and tears out-pour all around the world. Before Grams leaves she tells Bonnie she's "the strongest of them all" and we are left with a sense that maybe everybody can move on now that all this 'unfinished business' has been taken care of (well... almost all of it).

Damon brings Ric into the cellar and expresses his trust towards him, and we all leave with a sense that their bromance is closer to being solved than it was before. I mean, could you really keep on hating that face? Really?

Elena tells Stefan she still hasn't given up hope and that he can break through the compulsion if he fights for it - otherwise she'll be gone forever (really love the use of "I won't love a ghost for the rest of my life"; completely fitting and beautifully tragic).

And then - SHOCK OF ALL SHOCKS: that necklace is alive! And Ric has walked in on a cave of - stick men? Huh? Oh wait, turns out it's stories of the originals. Which we will find out about NEXT WEEK.

Once again, TVD delivers on a fabulous episode. My only qualms? No Delena moments, and Aunt Jenna didn't come back [mega sad face]. What does everyone else think? Good episode? Favourite moments? Sound off below! :)

Mini rant (I had to do it, I'm SORRY!)

Ok. Was anyone else as irked with Jeremy this episode as I was? Granted, the Janna scenes were AH-mazing, but seriously? Bonnie was right- Matt gave up his SISTER (though I don't blame him, Vicki was physcho) STILL. And it must be said.... JENNA SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THIS EPISODE. Phew. Yes okay I know you all know my love for Sara Canning.. but c'mon, neither Elena or Jeremy decided to think of Jenna? Really? It's not like all her business was finished and she'd found peace.. she died a freaking vampire, staked to death by Klaus! You so don't find peace after that. You haunt the shit out of that town! You hang around your niece and nephew like a hawk! And apparently we're so moved on from her death that we don't even consider asking her to come round?

Okay. Breathe. End that rant. Comments please :D Or tweet me @jayneymoo

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Once Upon A Time [there was a man known as] Grimm.

As far as fairytales go, these two shows certainly steer away from the norm.

Once Upon A Time

I was initially drawn to the pilot episode of Once Upon A Time purely based on the fact that Ginnifer Goodwin stars in it (I figure anything with her is bound to be good). So I took the time and sat down to watch this intriguing looking show and was quickly entranced. Once Upon A Time follows the journey of Snow White, her Prince, the Evil Queen and a host of other fairytale characters after Snow White and the Prince get married and are threatened to lose everything they hold dear by the Evil Queen. It's your typical story (I was reminded of Disney's Enchanted) until it flips to present day and you meet Emma Swan: an unhappy bail bondsman and bounty hunter (though seriously sexy in a hot pink dress). As it turns out, Emma is Snow White & Prince Charming's daughter, and 'present day' is set 28 years after the Evil Queen places her curse on the kingdom. The curse is such that all the fairytale characters are trapped in 'our world' (a place with no happy endings) in a town called Storybrooke where time stands still and none of the characters can remember who they are or how they got here.

Here's a quick rundown of the key characters and why I love them so far:

  • Ginnifer Goodwin plays two characters, the first being our classic Snow White and the second being Mary Margaret Blanchard, a kindly, gentle school teacher who albeit seems (understandably) lost. I love her portrayal of the teacher more than her version of Snow White, because it falls more into what Ginnifer is good at (the type of character she normally plays). Plus, it's difficult to watch anyone play a cartoon character and not think it's just a tiny bit cheesy.
  • Joshua Dallas is Prince Charming and John Doe, named so because he was hurt in his own world by the Evil Queen's guards and left in a coma in our world. I adore Josh; there is very little I can say that's bad about him. When he cradled baby Emma I felt a little whoosh of admiration move through my body. He's adorable. Anyway, he plays Prince Charming rather well, and is especially convincing as he tells his wife to hide out in the special wardrobe to protect her and her child (sadly that backfired for Snow White, but still saved Emma). However as John Doe in a coma there's not much he can do in our world. It'll be interesting to see more of him in the weeks to come.
  • Jennifer Morrison plays Emma Swan, and is the 'ultimate key' to breaking the curse on the Enchanted Forest and its inhabitants. She is approached by the son she gave up (Henry) and told about a book detailing the stories of each fairytale character and her role in saving them. Hesitant to believe him at first, it takes a few meaningful moments between the two before she decides to give Henry what he asked for - to stay a week in Storybrooke with him.
  • Speaking of Henry, Jared Gilmore plays this character and he does a fantastic job of it. I always admire child stars, but Jared (I have a feeling) is going to be a superstar. I loved him in Mad Men, loved him in The Back-up Plan (YES I actually remember him from that) and I already love him in this. I think if I ever gave a kid up for adoption and he decided to track me down - I'd want him to be like Henry. He's so bold, but obviously holds a lot of secrets close to his chest. And we find out that he's kind of a loner; and his foster mum is actually Evil Queen who apparently KNOWS who she is and isn't too happy to see him bonding with Emma.
  • Lana Parrilla is the Evil Queen herself, and alias foster mum and Storybrooke's mayor Regina Mills. She is dark and beautiful as the Evil Queen, but just as icy and sexy as Henry's adoptive mother. I did wonder whether she would know who everyone in the town is meant to be; and then her dangerous glare into the mirror while she clutched the story book confirmed it. Lana is impressive, to say the least. I look forward to seeing more layers of her character.
  • The final character I absolutely HAVE to mention is Rumpelstiltskin/Mr Gold, played byRobert Carlyle. As if Robert himself wasn't fantastic, the characters of Rumpelstiltskin and Mr Gold are equally great. We haven't seen much of Mr Gold yet, the prospective 'owner' of the entire town of Storybrooke, but it looks like he might be in on the Evil Queen's plan more than first thought. But as Rumpelstiltskin - wow. Carlyle delivers a downright scary performance as the evil character who knows the future and demands to find out Emma's name from Snow White at the beginning. He fits the character perfectly; and why shouldn't he? After the other movies we have seen him in. Can't wait to see more.

I think at this stage this show could go either way. There has only been the pilot, so I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but if it keeps the same zeal and intrigue as this week's episode I think it will do well. The characters are interesting at best, but there are elements of their personalities I look forward to being shown more of. Hidden layers of mystery reside in Storybrooke and in the Enchanted Forest, and only time will tell how much of an influence the past and present have had on each other.


Now to talk about NBC's new show Grimm! Another fabulous-looking fantasy show, Grimm takes us on a journey of crime and horror, coupled with a Supernatural-like need to "destroy evil". Set in Portland, it follows homicide detective Nick Burkhardt who is unaware he is descended from a long line of hunters (this is where the Supernatural side of things comes in) known as 'Grimms'. These hunters can see evil creatures somehow in flickers of their vulnerability, and this lets them know who is human and who is not. Nick is approached by his [aunt?] Marie and told that staying with his girlfriend Juliette is a bad idea because he's about to go all mojo on monsters in the town (as she is dying and the task will pass on to him). Now granted I am a HUGE fantasy fan, so I was already hooked at the sight of evil monsters and any amount of mysterious crimes going on, but the actors in Grimm are appealing at best and wondrous at worst - so I'd definitely recommend checking out the first episode.

The cast:

  • David Guintoli plays the homicide detective and future Grimm-hunter Nick Burckhardt. I haven't seen him in many shows before, but (at least in looks) he reminds me of Zachary Quinto so I liked him immediately. Nick is as dumbfounded as you would be, being told by a woman you lived with when you were younger that "your parents didn't crash, they were killed" and "there's so much you don't know about our family". In Secret Circle-esque style, Nick is forced to find out about his family through whatever means possible - including a monster known as 'Eddie'. He does well though, considering the circumstances!
  • Silas Weir Mitchell plays Eddie Monroe, a reformed monster who has decided he doesn't kill people anymore. I love Mitchell because he was Charles in Prison Break (a show that had so much potential for more) and in Grimm he doesn't disappoint either. He does 'trippy' better than anyone I know. Eddie assists Nick with seeking out another monster who had captured a little girl and had been killing people in Hansel and Gretal fashion (played by Tim Bagley). I think it'll be fun to see how much of a part Eddie plays in helping Nick discover his destiny as a hunter.
  • Kate Burton plays Marie, Nick's [aunt] (I'm going to use Aunt tentatively because I can't quite remember) and former Grimm hunter. She is sick enough to the point that her 'abilities' are passing onto Nick, and she has the mother-load of all weapons in her trailer, along with a mysterious necklace she passes onto Nick and tells him to guard with his life. The necklace turns into some kind of key; but to open what, we are yet to find out. Burton is a star in all respects; I know her best from Grey's Anatomy and I do hope she survives long enough to give us more of a glimpse of her fantastic acting skills.
  • Other characters include Juliette Silverton, played by Bitsie Tulloch and Hank Griffin, played by Russell Hornsby. Juliette is Nick's soon-to-be fiance, and a bit of a background character at the moment I feel. Perhaps we will see more of her in future episodes, but I am not sure her character will develop as much as we might like. However, I will accept it if I am wrong! Hank Griffin, on the other hand, is Nick's partner and has a much more prominent role in the show thus far. He helped Nick rescue the little girl at the end and I wouldn't be surprised if Nick decided to confide in him. He plays your typical 'cop' but there is definite potential for more character growth.
  • And lastly I will mention Captain Renard, portrayed by Sasha Roiz and Sergent Wu, played by Reggie Lee. Captain Renard we find out is actually a monster of some kind, and is planning to kill Marie at the most opportune moment. He is in an ideal position to 'keep an eye on things' while enacting his master plan (what that is, I am sure we will find out). Sergent Wu is a background character at this stage as well, but Lee is one of my favourite actors so I hope he becomes a more integral part of this show.

Overall I am enjoying Grimm so far (all one episode of it!) because it has an intensity that leaves you a little breathless and hanging out for more. What I love about these two shows is that they challenge the traditional notion (or should I say, the Disney version) of what a 'fairytale' should be. I was never much of a Brothers Grimm fan (Supernatural was the only show that even remotely captured my interest in that story) but this version of the Grimm tale is by far the most interesting I have come across. I truly enjoy a good scare, and Tim Bagley delivers an extra nice touch as the evil postman. More please :)

And there you have it folks. Make of it what you will, but I definitely recommend watching the pilots of these two shows when you have a chance. Grimm airs on NBC Channel on Fridays (or you can stream it online if you don't live where it airs!) and ABC's Once Upon A Time airs on Sundays on ABC Channel. Watch them now :)

For those of you who have seem them - what did you think? Do you agree with my thoughts? Are you liking them so far? Sound off in the comments or tweet me: @jayneymoo I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

"What's the plan, oh warrior princess?"

Not to be outdone, this week’s episode packed just as much punch (and bites) as last week’s! Granted, the delicious Joseph Morgan was absent this week but Rippah Stefan certainly made up for his absence.

This episode, as Julie Plec described it, is in homage to the very first day of school last year. It’s unbelievable how much has changed. Bonnie, Caroline and Elena decided they’d put that disaster of a prank night behind them and focus on a fresh start. Oh but hold up – it’s a year ago that Elena and Stefan met. Eesh, painful much? I think you take the cake for biggest drama love.

Ok so! Moving on to my...

Favourite moments

Elena and Ric’s fighting sesh: at first I was thinking, gosh Ric, ease up. Then he said his little “I think you found a way to get out of bed this morning and that makes you the strongest person I know. I think you can do pretty much anything.” Naw. Well said Ric! She is, and it’s amazing.

Twister with Rippah Stefan: ohh my word. I would play Twister with him anytime. Even if it meant I’d be snacked on if I fell over (and knowing how I play Twister, that’d happen A LOT). Oh well, just imagining Paul’s teeth on my skin is ridiculously delicious.

Bex and her dramatic entrances: Haha I have to say, Rebekah has me wrapped around her little finger. The way she marched on into the Salvatore boarding house and announced she was going to be staying, and then later when she sauntered into Ric’s history class. What a sly, sexy original. Love it.

Kat feeding Mikael mouse blood: That little montage of Katherine’s as she draped over Mikael’s coffin and tried to get him to drink mouse blood? Ha! I chuckled for a good minute.

Even when he tries to hide something, he’s adorable: Damon: “Is that the bell? Ring ring don’t wanna be late!”

A true homage moment: When Elena left the boy’s bathroom and ran into Stefan. Like old times except... not. I still pretty much adore Rippah Stefan though.

Speaking of Rippah Stefan... That jogging scene! “You think I’m annoying now, just wait til homecoming. Hey, who are you bringing by the way, I don’t want it to be weird.” Pretty sure it’s gonna be weird whatever you do Stefan. “I’m the guy who’s been assigned to protect a human blood bag. I mean, no offence or anything.” So MEAN. But I still drooled. Love him.

Love Jeremy and Anna: Malese is the sweetest little thing. Her eyes are super big and beautiful. I would believe anything she said too. And that ‘touching hands’ moment at the end? So, so sweet. Sorry Beremy shippers. I’m all about the Janna.

“I’m watching you...” Stefan watching Elena at the bonfire is another cute homage to the first one, though this time it’s substantially more creepy than the last. But there’s a knowing look that passes between them that made me somewhat wistful for ‘the old days’. (that moment passed quickly, I needs me more Delena)

Sebastian Roche: So apparently Mikael feeds off dead things, not alive things. Kinda grose, but whatever. I’m too epic excited for Sebastian Roche to be in TVD.

Bex and Damon heating it up with marshmallows and s’mores: Tell ya what, when Damon puts his flirt on I feel like going all ninja. [*chants to self* Jealously is unattractive. Jealously is unattractive. Jealously is unattractive]

Elena’s ‘snap’ moment: “You think I’m gonna let a blood addict tell me how to drink?” ROFL.

Caroline: Always Caroline. Tyler is apparently a “freaky hybrid slave minion”. HA. And in that same scene, I love when Damon tells everyone that Tyler’s been sired and what that means – and Ric’s FACE in the background! LOL. Cue rolling eyes and rolling head (if you can’t remember it go watch it now please. Hil-AR-ious).

Surefire way to get a woman in bed: “Everything I like about me is you”. Sigh. MORE SHIRTLESS TYLER. That is all.

I adore fake-drunk Elena: lazing on the bleachers looking at the stars. Whether she was truly drunk or not, I love this girl. (btw, LOVE that outfit she’s wearing. What a babe)

Stelena moments: True, I ship Delena, but can you blame me for loving Stefan and Elena in this episode? (Read my rant at the end and I’ll explain my views on this further!) Stefan: “Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?” Elena: “No Stefan it makes me strong!” and BAM! Wooden bullets in chest! Dramatic exit! That girl is badass.

Mason is BACK: Okay so all the ghosts (most of them anyway) are back from the dead. Umm can anyone say ‘shit’? This is gonna be mentallll. But to Taylor Kinney – welcome back. Can’t wait to see more of you!

And of course, the ULTIMATE favourite moments: Delena. The first one – “What’s the plan oh warrior princess?”. I’ve decided that if you want to get Damon to do something for you, all you gotta say is “Do it for me”. Well, if you’re Elena that is. Man, the sexual tension in that scene! My heart skipped a few million beats. Damon, you can touch my sternum any time you want.

The second one – when Damon is touching up Elena’s face at the end. Elena: “You played your part of the plan really well tonight.” Damon: “Oh yeah?” Elena: “Yeah you had Rebekah drooling all over you and your marshmallows.” Damon: “Yeah before she skewered me... I thought you were too drunk to notice.” Elena: “I was faking most of it.” Damon: “So was I.” [cue me swooning all over the screen]

And in true Jayne fashion, I always have more to say about everything else in the episode.

Bothersome moments

Vicki is a crazy bitch: But a nice one, at first. While that conversation in the car was highly depressing, it’s good to know that Matt had some sort of closure at the end of the day (after he released Vicki and then put her back in ghost world – though apparently allowed every other ghost to come out and play [Damon and Mason... hoo boy!]).

Bonnie and Jeremy have a little tiff: I agree with Bonnie, put yourself in her shoes. Uh oh, that relationship is on the tip of a precipice, I hate to say (not really, because I ship Janna;))

Tyler’s a bit rude, and apparently all jacked-up on Hybridness: OH and then we find out that he’s been ‘sired’ – which (after Tyler and Caroline did the nasty) all I could think was “Shit shit he’s trying to get Caroline to have mini hybrids!” That sired thing is just plain weird. And I think Tyler is liking this hybrid vampire thing a bit too much. The blood? The compulsion? UH huh. And he has gone back to being a dick.

Mystery witch: I really wanna know who this witch is who’s been communicating with Vicki. I don’t like her already.

Dalaric: I miss the Dalaric bromance. That’s all I have to say about that.

Bex STABBED Damon: Ugh. I love Barbie Klaus but nobody stabs my baby and gets away with it. Nobody.

Why does everyone have to cut their hand in order to get something to happen? It’s grose. And Matty, you made a big mistake bringing her back. Just saying (she almost FRIED Elena and Rippah Stefan, whom we all love and would miss just a tad).

To everyone who’s panicking that Kat is dead: NO WAY. There is no way the writers would take such an incredibly strong character and let her die in a wrong-place-wrong-time type situation. Nope, that girl would never go down without a fight. PLUS when has a vampire ever died from having their blood drained from them? (In TVD anyway).

Important things to note

  • If Mikael knows how to kill Klaus – I don’t want him to. I love Joseph Morgan too much.
  • Elena’s blood is still the key. Therefore, there will still be more people coming after her to kill her. It’s not just Stefan, Klaus and Bex she’s gotta worry about.

My confusion

I was thinking – I’m not sure why we could see Vicki but not the other people who had turned into vampires (i.e. Jenna) anyone got a clue why that might be?

Mini rant about Stefan, his humanity and this whole ‘nobody cares about him anymore’ business

Okay so, something that has been wreaking havoc all over twitter is this: “why has everyone given up on Stefan?”. This is my little rant to counter-act/elaborate on this question. (This was inspired by @RippahStefan’s extended tweet. Read it, his rant is epic.

Ok a lot of people have been saying that everyone has given up on Stefan except Elena, and that they've forgotten that he’s had his humanity stripped from him rather than him choosing to lose it. I almost entirely agree with this, but I don’t think that everyone has given up so much as they have had ENOUGH. Can you imagine what they've all been through in the past 24 hours – their senior prank night totally destroyed, with ghosts and Klaus coming back and Stefan losing his humanity and hybrids being created and so on and so forth – all in the one night? I mean, it’s a lot to take in, even for these guys (who have seen their fair share of drama).

As for Damon and his need to help Elena outweighing his need to help his brother – I don’t think we should make such bold assumptions yet. True, Damon is a little blinded by his love for Elena, but did you SEE that concern wash over his face when he saw Stefan playing Twister? It isn't so much that he’s given up – I think he’s resigned to the fact that Stefan is DANGEROUS and so he’s protecting the one person he still can i.e. Elena. And perhaps he’s hoping that Mikael will be the answer as well – perhaps he’s happier to wait it out, where Elena isn't content with sitting still. Where she wants to take action, Damon is content to just keep an eye on him. Some food for thought.

And yes, Elena is the only one who hasn’t given up (which I am kind of inclined to agree with Stefan when he calls her pathetic) but at the same time I think it’s amazing of her – and I think that she has some weird supersonic tolerance level that allows her to see optimism in everything.

Now that I’ve had that rant, some food-for-thought (Stefan-related)

Stefan’s humanity: I don’t think there’s anything left of Stefan’s humanity, per se, but I think his memories are what is wrecking havoc with his behaviour. Klaus didn’t take those away – so Stefan still knows what has happened between him and Elena. And while he doesn't FEEL, he still REMEMBERS. I think that’s a key point to note, and possibly something he can grasp onto even in his compelled state. Examples of this:

  • The jogging scene: Did anyone else notice that, even though Stefan called Elena possibly the most insulting thing ever, he also knocked that guy off his feet cos he ran into Elena? There was totally some of the hidden protective Stefan there. That’s what I think anyway.
  • You’re a lightweight drinker: Stefan doesn’t feel, yet he remembers Elena is a lightweight when drinking. There is that remnant of ‘I should care’ when he’s around her.
  • C’mon I’ll take you home: Catching Elena when she fell off the bleachers (I bet you were wondering when I was gonna mention this ;)), whether it was still memories of Klaus’ compulsion, we are yet to find out, but there was definitely SOMETHING there.
  • Jealous much: Oh but as much as Stefan says he isn’t jealous, he totally is. Or thinks he is. Or wonders if he is. *awkward pause*

Okay I’m done J Sorry it’s a long one haha! What did you think of this episode? Are these cliff-hangers amazing or what? Totally looking forward to next week. Thanks for getting better and better TVD! If you have any thoughts or comments please tweet me! @jayneymoo

Monday, 17 October 2011

10 Strange Things I noticed in the past week.

Just a little collection of weird and interesting things I noticed in the past week. They are not the be-all-and-end-all; just remember, they are from my observations only :)

1. V now comes in a 500ml plastic bottle. I did not know this. I really like this. I have purchased 3 in the last week already. And a picture of one is the background on my phone.

2. People will spot a misplaced sale sign from a mile away. I may have taken down every other sale ticket in my department (a sale that finished yesterday), but there will always be one customer who spots the one I missed. And then I have to give it to them at that price, which irks me.

3. Some couples are freakishly opposite. I know the saying 'opposites attract' is surprisingly true, but sometimes it blows my mind who's attracted to each other. I mean, I've seen couples who are so opposite, it's like a parrot and a platypus dating. Cute as a collective (c'mon, parrots are gorgeous and platypuses are insanely cool) but individually? Completely confusing.

4. I will make a sandwich and take one bite out of it before putting it on my plate to eat at the table. I'm not really sure why i do this. Hence why it's going in the list.

5. You are more likely to sit next to a woman than a man on a bus. This I have found to be a fact. I have watched people for many months on buses, and it doesn't matter if they're male, female, old, young - they will inadvertently sit next to a woman rather than a man. I know who the better sex must be ;)

6. We are more concerned as a society with what a celebrity is doing on their day off than we are with the fact that a child is sold into sexual slavery every 26 seconds. This isn't so much strange as it is sad. We shut ourselves off and put blinkers on in order to focus in on ourselves and our wants and needs, when in reality the WORLD IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN US. Just had to say it.

7. People will always try and get the cheaper price for something. This has been true across all the places I've worked. If someone is going to return or purchase an item, all they want to know is - "Can I get it cheaper?" It's universal I've decided. Human nature; trying to cheat someone into getting the best buy. It annoys me as well.

8. Gossip always seems to (a) accelerate and (b) become more false as it goes around. It always becomes more vicious too. Moral of the story: don't spread rumours in the first place :)

9. Guys are more likely to forgive a girl for cheating than a girl is to forgive a guy. Why is this I wonder?

10. And finally, I noticed that (while I passionately detest star signs, I think they're a load of crap) people tend to live up their expectations (or star sign predictions, I should say). The ladies at Myer were having a huge chat about this, and as they were talking I felt more and more uncomfortable. I have always believed myself to be totally opposite to the 'Scorpio' personality, but apparently I am more like it than I realised. Not. Happy. Jayne.

And there you have it! Anyone agree with me? What have you noticed that's 'odd' this past week? Sound off in the comments, or tweet me! :D @jayneymoo!

Friday, 14 October 2011

"I'm a Ripper! A Ripper doesn't stop!"


I think I can successfully say that I am stunned.

As if it wasn't possible, The Vampire Diaries has blown me away. Yet again.

What a THRILLING episode! I bet I wasn't the only one sitting on the edge of my bed, chewing my nails and gasping in shock every 5 minutes. Truly an incredible episode, with astounding performances by Paul Wesley, Joseph Morgan, Zach Roerig, Nina Dobrev, Steven McQueen, Claire Holt, Kayla Ewell, and of course my favourite, Ian Somerhalder :)

Special thanks goes to writer Michael Narducci for setting my soul on fire with this episode! All the twists and shocks and heart-stoppers! Amazing, truly. Thank you!

[picture: Joseph Morgan, I just want to eat your face. You're too sexy for that stare]

So now, after all my gushing, I want to highlight some of my favourite moments from this episode! (which is probably going to turn into a recap, only because I LOVED EVERY SECOND. Just saying).

The best parts

The opening scene: It's quiet in the school. All you can hear is a clinking sound, which turns out to be Matt doing weights (all sweaty and hunky). He gets up to investigate, and it's all eerie and deserted, and then SNAP! He sets off all the mousetraps in a classroom where Elena, Caroline, Tyler and Bonnie are setting up for senior prank night.

Caroline - "Where are you going?"

Elena - "To superglue Alaric's desk shut. Making memories." - poor Elena, this will definitely be a night for memories. Just not very nice ones.

Klaus' reappearance: Elena turns the corner and BAM! "You are supposed to be dead! What are we going to do about that?" I don't know about Elena, but I'd be shitting my pants right about now.

Damon and Kat sittin' in a car, k-i-s-s-i-n-g: I love Kat's coming onto Damon. She's such a hottie. And him taking the bait.. and then throwing it back in her face with a "Thought I'd give it a shot. Truth is, you don't do it for me anymore." OH SNAP! Take that Kat ;)

Repetitive breaking of one's neck can't be good: Klaus has apparently been breaking Stefan's neck over and over. And what's going on Bex? You're all nasty now? I think she's pissed that Stefan is still in love with Elena. Perhaps she's being so petty (what a whiny child!) because her jealousy is spiking all over the place. Reign it in dear. It's not an attractive feature.

Klaus dragging Elena around the school: Hey, look at me, I'm big bad hybrid and I drag girls around by the arm. Look at me go! She's like a toy! Haha, oh Joseph Morgan, I will never stop loving you. Especially with that fake accent he throws around.

Any of Klaus' games amuse me, even foot-dropping ones: Lift your foot up? You'll be beaten to death if you drop it? Haha, Klaus. As terrifying as that game is, it's hilarious. Sorry those kids had to die though :/ Stupid Rippah Stefan.

Klaus rage. There was a lot of it in this episode: I love that Klaus' rage turns into snarky replies to things, but he delivers it in a way that gives you a small shiver up your spine. Classic examples:
  1. Elena - "Don't Klaus! You don't have to hurt anybody." Klaus - "Oh c'mon love, of course I do."
  2. Elena - "Where's Stefan?" Klaus - "Stefan's on a time out."
  3. Klaus - "I invited him to the party love, he's the one dancing on the table."
There were more, but those were my favs :)

Helpful Kat: While it's a little weird that Katerina has decided to be helpful (it's probably a selfish agenda she's running, but something tells me she isn't over Stefan), I like that she told Damon about the necklace. And I don't mind that she kidnapped Jeremy. At least it kept him safe from Klaus' rage, you know?

Damon's emerging wisdom and realisations: That sounds very psychological when I put it like that ha! But I love that Damon isn't falling for Kat's tricks like he used to. And the fact that it suddenly occurred to him that he actually WANTS to be by Elena's side (a little late though my dear) I found it amusing when he said to Kat - "I'm not turning back." Yeh, uh huh. Sure Damon. You keep telling yourself that [cut to 10 minutes later] Oh hey I'm leaving! Haha.

But that led into one of my fav Damon moments of this episode:

Damon - "Katherine! Phone now!"

Katherine - "The Damon I remember wouldn't have been that stupid."

Damon - "I wouldn't have done it for you."

Aww Delena. Cuteness.

Apparently we ask about ex's when we're making out with current bfs: Caroline, you're hilarious. Asking about Matt while making out with Tyler? But way to take it Tyler! You are so adorably perceptive. I hate that you're so adorable, and you're almost a hybrid. Sigh. That sucks.

Bex ruins cute moments: Following straight on from Forwood's cute scene, Bex decides to enter the scene and ruin the moment. "I'm the new girl." Yeah, you are Claire. What a babe.

Matt apparently feels the need to drown himself to see his dead sister: I don't entirely understand Matt's logic here. While I respect that he must be going through a SUPER tough time, I'm not sure I'd advise anyone else to take his path if they found out all their friends were some supernatural being and their sister died a vampire. Just saying.

Oh yeah, and now he can see ghosts. Or maybe just Vicki. I agree with Bonnie, it was reckless and stupid. It wasn't worth it Matt, you fool. I love you, but you're a bit daft sometimes. You might just regret the decision to drown yourself.

THE SHOCKER: Klaus feeding Tyler his blood! But is anyone else finding that they sort of expect someone's neck to get snapped in each episode of TVD? I mean, it's a pretty regular occurrence. All this death and coming back to life stuff. If someone actually die dies from getting their neck snapped the next time, I don't think I'll believe it until they're buried. (I was still reeling over Jenna's death days after it happened.. anyone else dies and it might take a good week before I come to terms with it.)

You know it's all going to hell when Stefan pledges his loyalty to Klaus. Again. : Ah shit.

Rippah Stefan still has feelings yay: Aww Rippah Stefan still loves Elena. I like his mini fight with Klaus. Though, of course, it caused Klaus to react exactly how we thought he would. Compel time! Stefan, you are only going to obey now. Ah crap Stefan. This ain't good. Annddd off he goes. Cue crazy eyes. Dead girl, and dead boy. Sad face.

I'm liking this Kat and Jeremy dynamic: So, Kat gets the info from Anna via Jeremy via manipulating Damon (a little bit) about Michael.

Damon - "Stop with the teenie bopper drama." Lol I love Damon.

Just a note, why WOULD Anna help them?! She's a freaking ghost! Oh but she will if Jeremy's in danger. DUH. And I love that they go and open badass vampire hunter Michael's tomb. Good thing? Bad thing? Guess we'll find out - NEXT WEEK.

Sebastian Roche is going to be the best. I know this: I KNEW Michael was a vampire! I KNEW IT! Michael, Michael, Michael. I am ridiculously excited for Sebastian Roche to come into play (he's totally tweeted me before, I love him haha).

Bex found the necklace: In a photo on Elena's phone. "Why is that doppleganger bitch wearing my necklace?" Cue the screeching, whiny side of Rebekah. And now Klaus knows about the necklace. And he's even MORE pissed off. 20 minutes until Stefan has to feed on Elena. That's not cool.

Stefan's love for Elena blew me away: Well, I am totally proud of Stefan's love for Elena. I had no idea it would hold. But good on you. Stelena fans everywhere are dying of happiness.

Totally sucks Klaus decided to compel the humanity out of you. Bummer. (Sorry Stelena fans. Bit more drama yet before those two are getting back together).

Elena doesn't fully understand Stefan's 'Rippah' side, but she believes in him anyway: I love that she still has so much faith in him; she tells him just to drink from her. And tells him that he just has to want it bad enough to stop. Yeh he owes you! You tell him girl! But hold up. Rippah Stefan ain't having it (yet). He's awesome but a tad scary. And to think, it only gets scarier.

Bonnie is like, ninja life-saver: Team Bonnie! How she pulled Matt out of the pool I have no idea. He's all hunk and muscle, that Zach.

Tyler lives!: But.... he's a hybrid. Crap. What is this going to mean I wonder? Klaus bolted outta there pretty fast, and he didn't take Tyler with him. But he DID leave behind Stefan-patrol. Something tells me Tyler ain't outta the woods yet.

Stefan trying to stop himself from drinking Elena's blood: This scene almost broke my heart (little did i know what was to come!) I mean, my nails were chewed OFF, that's how nervous this scene made me. Bloody oath Klaus! Of course you were right there to stop her. And to think, Stefan tried to kill himself to not hurt Elena. All the Stelena fans would have been dying right now. I'm a delena fan but i was amzed at his resiliance. Poor baby.

Klaus, you ruin everything.

But, I still love you.

Paul Wesley is a freaking amazing Rippah: I mean, we knew it already from seeing him this season slowly losing his humanity. But that point where his humanity was gone? I'm plain terrified now. What a transformation! Paul, you played full-blown-Rippah-with-no-humanity perfectly. Can't wait to see more.

TVD has made me afraid of hospitals for life: Of course Elena is lying in a hospital bed, and a compelled nurse is draining the blood from her. Eesh, TVD, you need to make hospitals safe again for me! BUT without this scene, there wouldn't have been that gorgeous moment where Damon swoops her up and carries her outta there. My hero <3 Now if only you were taking her off into the sunset..

Speaking of carrying - Tyler sweeping Caroline off her feet :) Too bad that happiness is probably gonna be short-lived. This is TVD, after all.

Klaus has a soft side: We knew he did. He doesn't want to be alone, eh? You can try and cover it up with angry words, but you lonely boy!

Thank God Damon decided to be a quick thinker and not a smart ass (kind of) for once: Wow, Klaus is really scared of Michael. I suppose a vampire-hunting vampire would be a bit freaky for vampires (say that 3 times fast!)

Damon and Elena make my heart pound: No Damon! Don't you EVER leave her again! God, his face broke my heart when he saw her in the hospital. Look how worried he was! And then right at the end, before Stefan ruined it - Damon giving Elena back that stupid necklace?! Who does that?! I love you Damon. I want your vampire babies.

He was just so honest and sincere in this scene. And Nina Dobrev blows my mind. How she cries on a whim like that?

Elena - "Where were you Damon?"

Damon - "I shouldn't have left. I promise you, I will never leave you again."

My heart exploded. Love these two. Soo thankful they're dating in real life. Perfect.

THE FINAL SHOCKER: Rippah Stefan is here to babysit?! WTF? Talk about role reversal! Stefan playing the Damon card. Oh no, Rippah Stefan chilling about? Now that's a worry. Doop de do :S

Mini notes

(I love that 'the best parts' ended up being basically the entire episode lol). These are just some little notes!

  • Ghost Vicki is a bit creepy. I don't know what game she's playing, and now that Matt can see her - I wonder if she'll manipulate him in some way?
  • I half wonder whether Rebekah is faking it. Does she really care about Klaus that much? Or does she secretly resent him still? And also - did Klaus ditch her when he ran off? Or did she go with him? Gotta say though, Claire Holt looks smokin' in this episode.
I am SO excited for next week! Alright dears that's it :) Please sound off with comments, or tweet me! @Jayneymoo or @janeymoo :) :) Can't wait to hear from you!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

And the baby-daddy is....

Gossip Girl said at the start of this episode that "... you must walk into the belly of the beast."

I had that ominous feeling at the start of this episode too. I think it was the knowledge that Charlie/Ivy is back in town, and also that Blair still doesn't know who baby-daddy is (okay, I know now, having watched the episode, but I didn't when I typed up these notes. Bear with me :P)

[Photo: 'I'm going to lean against this doorway looking sexy. I know you're checking out my behind.']

Alright, let's run through this baby! (Well... that wasn't intentional. Silly pun)

The first shot is of Blair hiding out in her room, curled under the covers and reading Grace Kelly's biography. Poor B. She has moved from the denial stage, to the hibernating stage. I reckon I'd be hiding from those test results too. If Chuck was the baby-daddy...

Don't even want to contemplate it. Anyway!

I love that Dorota went to Dan for help. Yay Dair! Sort of. Data? Dan and Dorota? Well, it's sweet that Dan offered to stay in Blair's life and he's helping her attack this huge problem. I am all for Dan and Blair getting closer, even if it's over a Chair or Lair baby.

Only in Gossip Girl.

So! Cue to Serena and Charlie/Ivy. Charlvy I'm going to call her today.

Serena - you're being a bit dumb. It is so very obvious that Charlvy doesn't want to be in Manhattan. Listen to her. Yes, it was a mistake. Tell her to shoo now.

Sigh. Wish these characters would listen to me.

Now we move to Chuck's apartment, and we see that he has a dog.

Was anyone else weirded out by the fact Chuck has a dog? Especially such a cute dog. If I imagined Chuck with a dog, it would be a huge Bull Mastiff or something. Not a fluffy-eared cutesy-face pooch. Anywho.

I love Nate and how he loves everything. "Woah. who's this little guy?" Naw, Nate. Just imagine him, shirtless, cuddling a puppy. Doesn't it make you drool?

Ahem. I also like the Dan and Nate bromance; they are such good pals. "Laters bro." "Yeh, good luck man." "Totes."

I have to admit, Chuck is right when he says to Nate: "The only reason this woman has hired you is to please her in the bedroom, not the boardroom." Sorry Nate, the delectable Elizabeth Hurley really does want you for your charming looks. You are so very adorable, but so very dumb sometimes.

Aww Serena and Blair modelling together again? That'd either end gorgeously or disastrously (as we all remember the last time). Too bad it didn't actually happen and Charlvy stole Serena's place. Sigh.

I gotta say, Dorota gets cuter each time I see her. "I have to say, best part of pregnancy is knowing who baby daddy is." Totally adore Blair's reaction to all of her subtle jabs.

Let's move to Dan and his book. Leave the book alone? Pffft how foolish is Dan. Vanish? In the Upper East Side, with Gossip Girl eyes everywhere? I don't think so!

Mini excited moment: LILY'S BACK! YAY! I love Kelly Rutherford. Such a gem. And she's been playing Angry Birds, naw. Sweet. Let us know if you find a cure for that addiction please.

Blair! Just open the damn letter! WEWANTTOKNOWWHOBABYDADDYIS.

Phew. I'm good. This episode is really getting me stirred up!

And cougar-Diana firing all the oldies? Did anyone else think that was sad more than anything? I can't believe Nate was impressed. I'm not impressed with you being so daft Nate. Leave. The. Cougars. Alone. They're hot for sex, sure, but not to work for.

Yay for some more cute Dair comments! Blair: "That is so civilized. Unlike your hair Humphrey. You look like a muppet." YES. YES YOU DO DAN. What is with his hair this season? Somebody fix it please. Thank you.

Moving to Lily and Serena talking about deceiving Carol; making sure she doesn't know about Charlvy. It will be a nightmare. Please. Get rid of her.

Blair and the journalist. Don't fret, sweetpea. I am pretty sure Louis would love you through anything. He's tied himself around your little finger, or should I say, your wedding finger ;)

Good grief, when I thought that old guy had stolen Dan's novel I had a fit! Meanie! I mean, it was very typical GG, so I wasn't too shocked. Nice move though writers, you had me fooled.

SERENA. LET CHARLVY GO. Stop trying to keep her here. Why does nobody listen to me? Charlvy, you're as dumb as Serena though. Taking those tickets.. everybody knows you don't really want to leave. 'Fess up already.

Despite being some sort of scheming cougar, I still love Elizabeth Hurley. You're delectable. I can't really hate anyone who's delectable. Just saying.

So we move back to Blair and that damn letter. Of course she ripped it up. What else was she going to do, actually read it? No, I think not.

I do love Blair's threats to Dorota though, as if she'd ever actually get rid of her. That would literally kill the show. Literally.

Charlvy arrives at the fashion show and falls devastatingly in love with a dress. And who wouldn't? With those ruffles, and diamantes, and pinkness - lovely, just lovely.

Another mini excited moment: LILY'S FREE! YAY! Rufus is the sweetest in this episode. Getting her charges dropped, and then taking her out. I've never liked Rufus all that much, but he is growing on me.

Now we're at the fashion show, and it's a true Gossip Girl style suaray. I love how Blair comes in to steal the show, as per true Blair style. Her dress is to die for. I love it MORE than Charlvy's. But Blair has definitely become sweeter in her old age; giving her advice to do what she wants, not what her mum wants.

Of course, sneaky sneaky cougar is at work, making Nate get his hands dirty. Congressmen strike me as such fools, they always seem to be having affairs I swear.

So I really feel Lily's pain when she walks in. How would we feel, having to face up to friends who truly didn't stand by her? But, Rufus is a doll and helps her through.

Cue the fashion fiesta! And Charlvy's face-off with Carol. Good work Charlvy, even though I still want you to leave.

May I just say, Dan and Blair fights never get old. This one certainly didn't disappoint; Dan on the floor, Blair standing there all cute and embarrassed. I think I would have freaked if B ended up on the floor though - that poor dress. [horrified face]

I'm going to jump ahead a bit because nothing note-worthy happens, until...

We find out baby-daddy.

Uh. Hold on. Louis'? It's LOUIS'?! I didn't see that coming? Well that throws my theories into the ground. But I do still have one theory.. (I will share it at the end!)

Cut to Chuck. Oh, that face. Pure devastation. You poor little pumpkin. I feel like I ought to hand you a plate with a naked woman on it. Anything to distract you from that empty feeling that I think is rushing through your body.

But, perhaps it's pain. I hope he doesn't go all suicidal again. Something tells me he won't though. Because of .....

HIS DOG NAMED MONKEY. Nawwww!! Cutest name ever! I want him! But I don't think I could take him away from a sad Chuck. That'd be a bit mean.
Anyway, the last scene with Chuck and Monkey (I'm sorry, all I could think of then was 'chunky monkey' from TVD... lol) was seriously sad. I feel so bad for Chuck. Alright, you people need to tell me - are you a Chair, Dair or Lair fan? Go. Now. I need to know this.

You need to know - I WAS a Chair fan. Now I am more of a Dair fan. However, I think I am still equally tied sometimes. Like in that moment, when Blair says "A part of me wished it was yours." Oh B. Not healthy to be in love with two men at once, trust me.

Okay, almost done! So my final thoughts to Dan, after he decides to claim the book for his own - good luck. You are going to need it. (Though my curiosity IS raging. Can't wait to see what is actually in it)

And Nate has Charlvy's phone. Well, that's going to end badly I'm guessing. And that was the end of the episode!

Quickly! My last minute thoughts -

Why does no one listen to my plea to get rid of Charlvy? But I do think it will make for an interesting scandal, once it all blows up. (as we know it will. C'mon, it wouldn't be Gossip Girl if it didn't).

I have come up with a new theory as to how the Lair relationship will unravel. Louis will find the test results, confront Blair, Blair will have to tell him about sleeping with Chuck (and this will all happen on the wedding day, my guess) and Chuck might even show up to stop the wedding. Drama drama! And Dan will be waiting in the wings to comfort a heartbroken B, as per usual. Ha! What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Better idea?

All in all, it was a MUCH BETTER GOSSIP GIRL EPISODE. A lot like the old days (maybe they DO read my blogs and saw my plea for better cliffhangers!) I enjoyed it very much.

Alright, if you made it to the end - thank you and kudos! :D Please, leave comments or chat with me on twitter @jayneymoo or @janeymoo I will be happy to hear from you! :D Til next week!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Who's lying? Not me.

It might be purely the fact that I have been procrastinating my uni assignment, or it may have to do with the fact TV After Dark asked me to check out this show, but I am totally and completely hooked on The Lying Game.

I don't completely understand the addiction, I will confess.

But, I am addicted nonetheless, and here's my review of Season 1 Episode 9. Maybe I can get you addicted too ;)

Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High.

Well, the name alone is interesting lol. And the episode certainly did not disappoint!

We start with Sutton (posing as Emma) in the car with Lexi. That Lexi can talk! But I love her, she's adorable. And so smart! I hope she comes back in a later episode. But Sutton, you are a terrible actor. Lexi would have been completely daft to realise you weren't Emma, especially considering you didn't even TRY to be her. Just saying.

Cut to an adorable scene with Ethan and Emma. Naw, these two are adorable little lovebirds.

Ethan: "Are you apologising for coming onto me, or the fact that you were drunk when you did it?"

Emma: "C'mon, no girl wants to be a drooling idiot when it's her first time." Cue the awkward moment! I had this huge grin on my face when Emma went on that little spiel about yoghurt and pretzels. Because that's exactly how we'd change the topic from still having our V plates...

Moving on.

Ted and Alec are douchebags. I'm not sure why yet, but my guess is that one of them got Annie preggers, and they have covered it up somehow. Why she's in a mental hospital is still beyond me. And speaking of Annie - HELLO! I'm so shocked that Annie is Char's aunt?! WOW! So who's the uncle? I am ridiculously curious.

We move to a scene back in Sutton's bedroom, where Ethan and Emma are chatting about the newly overheard conversation between Ted and Kristin. Ethan, you are so very wonderfully supportive, asking Emma if that's 'what she wants'. I think he's right though, asking Alec is a dumb idea Emma. He's been hiding this for 16 years, he ain't gonna cough up answers now.

So now we find ourselves in Lexi's house, and Sutton is shocked (to put it mildly) to see how she lives (cleaning that glass? The not-so-subtle facial expressions? You ain't subtle hunny).

My FAVOURITE part in the entire episode is when Lexi's mum says, "Are you hungry Emma? Do you want some mac 'n' cheese?" and Sutton turns around and goes "Oh! That would be fantastic thank you!" and mum says "Milk and butter is in the fridge. Knock yourself out, I'm going to take a bath." AHA! Take that Sutton! She has probably never cooked mac 'n cheese in her life. (I have so much more respect for Emma after this episode, I swear).

I also love that they keep their savings in a jar on the kitchen counter. Perhaps the best hiding spot is the most obvious one? Maybe?

Anyway, jump back to Emma looking all sweet in a navy and white dress and gorgeous gold necklace. Dinner with Alec is sure to be awkward though. Thayer looks nice for his meeting with the investors though - love a man in a suit, phew.

:O Shock! Annie has escaped! But to where? We know she'd want to bail from that hospital, but where is she going to go? Mystery!

"Kinda figured she might turn out to be an entitled little bitch." Thank you Lexi! Way to put it out there. Sutton, you are a bit mean. Am I alone in this? But I will give it to her, the bitch-side was perfect for her rant at Clarice. So glad Clarice's license was revoked, she IS a terrible person. You tell her Sutton!

We jump back to Thayer's meeting, and cue Derek and Char. 10 day anniversary? Oh, to be 16 again. Can't get over the fact Alec made Derek break up with Char. I will give it to Adrian Pasdar though, he makes an excellent bad guy. Not very clever but, dragging Derek away from Char right in front of Emma JUST AFTER she was asking him about lying. Oh well, suppose we need Emma to keep seeing Alec as 'questionable'.

Now we come to another super awkward moment.


If I were Laurel, I would have no idea what to say in that situation. But girl, you have all the right things to say. Way to make mum think. It is your life, despite mum wanting otherwise.

Alexandra Chando was ADORABLE flipping through all of Emma's clothes and looking for a suitable outfit. And then making that dress out of the mother of all ugly dresses! Love it. What a cutie.

Rocking up to Emma's high school as though she owns the place, Sutton certainly makes an impression with the 'in' crowd - a group of hunky men who invite her to come gamble with them. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I don't think 16-year-olds should be gambling. My humble personal opinion.

Cue back to Derek and Char - the break up. Aw, my heart broke. Char with her "You can't. I'm Char Chamberlin." Why would anyone want to break up with any character Kirsten Prout plays is beyond me. She is gorgeous. Well, I'm with Emma, I don't know why Alec would want to break Derek and Char up. He's been the obedient puppy; I'm not sure what Alec's motives were there. Power? Control? Perhaps.

Mum and Dad Mercer are having a chat about being honest with Sutton. Either Mum is lying and actually knows more about Annie than she is saying, orr she really is in the dark, and has no idea about her daughter having a twin. I hope Emma wiggles it out of her somehow; I would definitely try, being as frustrated as Emma looked after Mum denied saying anything at all.

As hard as I try, I truly can't hate Sutton. Working her 'magic' on Lexi - pulling her away from studying, dolling her up in a rockin' outfit, and taking her to a party where she manages to lose all her money, but coddle up to hot-guy and get all the money back - yep, that girl could rule the world.

Now we come to 'the phone call'. I am still miffed at this. Why is Mum Chamberlin all crazy? She obviously knows the entire story, but is chicken enough not to do anything about it. Weird.

Another adorable Ethan and Emma moment :) I don't think he finds just your optimism amazing Emma, I think he finds YOU amazing. Naw cuties.

Justin makes talking to dads about stealing their daughter's virginity soo easy. A little too easy perhaps? I would be shaking in my boots. I guess calling dad 'my role model' would help sweeten the pot. Kudos to you Justin.

Alright, ease up Emma. We know you're mad, but it ain't Laurel's fault. Blame mamma and poppa first. Glad that Laurel was able to have a chat with mamma though and make things right. Wish I could be that open with my mum about losing my V plates. I totally admire Laurel for being that open. You go girl.

Cut to Emma chilling on Sutton's bed looking at photos from the past few weeks. Enter Mum Mercer, and the lies still seem to keep coming. Can't pick whether mum is innocent in all this, or just as guilty as Ted. We shall see.

More adorable Ethan and Emma moments! Ethan would be an amazing boyfriend. He punches dickheads unconscious, knows all the right things to say, AND has a gorgeous body and face to boot - Team Ethan yum yum yum here we come!

I do understand why Emma wants to protect Sutton's family. They have become her little world, and she's becoming a 'better' version of Sutton, dare I say? The idea that it's all going to blow up next week kinda makes me sad. I like Emma being Sutton. Sigh. Anyway.

So Char tells Madeline that Annie rang their house, while Derek eavesdrops. I love Derek's goofy facial expressions. He is a really terrible spy though.

Mum and Dad Mercer talking about Birth Mum again. I'm not happy with Ted. I agree with Justin, I don't think he's as nice as everyone thinks. Whatever happened with Annie, it warrants keeping everybody, including his wife, in the dark.

Uh, no Alec, you don't get to decide who Derek dates. He has that leverage on you, and kudos to him for using it. Go Derek! You get the girl back!

I loooovveee that Lexi knew Sutton wasn't Emma! What a gem! Now that's a true best friend. I always did wonder how two people were able to switch places and fool absolutely EVERYONE.

[Mental note to self: If I ever notice my best friend/brother/boyfriend acting typically out-of-character, I will quiz them until I know they're not an imposter]

And now - final moments! Emma snatches the letter for Mum Mercer away (just in time!) though it may all go to hell next week anyway. Justin tells Laurel he knows something's up with Daddy Mercer. Sutton leaves for Phoenix, and Lexi is amazing about it. I wonder if Sutton will destroy Emma's life once she gets back.. and I guess we'll find out... NEXT WEEK!

And our last moment is with Ethan and Emma.

"Wherever you go Emma, I'm coming with you."

This made my heart pound. What a sweetheart! I think I'm in love with Ethan, no joke. Nobody is that nice, NOBODY. Anywho.

So until next week my dears, sound off with your thoughts below! What do you think - where has Annie gone? Why is Mum Chamberlin being so secretive? Does Mum Mercer know more than she's telling? Are you in LOVE with Ethan too? Talk away! :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Revenge and Ringer: sexy and sophisticated.

Also devilishly complex and intricate.

I am highly impressed by two shows that granted, I was not particularly interested in at all when I saw their fall promos.

How wrong I was.

Um, all these smokin', smart, leading ladies? Bloody BRILLIANT. It is so refreshing to see women in the roles were traditionally males were the lead. On a side note: another show you should watch (if you're all into the power of women) is Fringe. Anna Torv plays the gorgeous and brilliant FBI agent Olivia Denham - and she certainly does not disappoint in the women-can-do-anything department.

Anyway, back to Ringer and Revenge.

I have to give it to them - these shows know how to suck you in. Revenge especially. How about I start there :)

What makes Revenge so appealing.

  • Emily VanCamp plays Amanda Clarke and her alias Emily Thorne. And what a convincing job she does too. The fact that she lost her father because he was framed and then convicted and then died only enhances her character. As Emily, she is sweet, mysterious and somewhat reminiscent of a sly cat. Her poker face is what drew me in at first - and then the way she would flip so suddenly to her alter persona, Amanda. Cold, hard, and vengeful, with little flickers of sadness and remorse, is the best way I can describe the Amanda underneath the mask. Riveting. I love it.
  • Victoria Grayson, played by Madeleine Stowe, is the wicked mother-in-law with a soul. Yes, I know, she's not the actual mother-in-law, but that's how her character is played. She is bitter against the world; mostly because of her cheating, lying husband, but also because she lost the one man she truly loved - David Clarke. You get a sense that she hides behind her money and expensive taste, all the while mourning for a life lost. Yet at the same time, she is fiercely protective of her son, and deeply suspicious of everyone around her. Especially Emily - and rightly so. Good work mummy dearest.
  • Jack Porter, beautifully played by Nick Wechsler, is the childhood friend. He seems like the one genuine character in the entire show; thus you feel sad for him when he has to sell his boat to save his dad's floundering business. And then his dad dies, so things are becoming even more tough. But still, there is a definite air about him - an air that draws Amanda back in and helps pull some of the 'Emily' facade away.
  • The other character I love is Nolan Ross, acted out by Gabriel Mann. I've never seen Mann in anything before but I like him. He is mischievous and a little suave - I especially like the tailored suits and shaggy blonde hair. He aims to help Amanda with her quest for revenge, all the while trying to pull her back out of her facade too.
  • The last character I like is Danny Grayson, played by Joshua Bowman. Besides being a bit of eye candy, he is the lost puppy, searching for his way in the world and trying to leave behind bad mistakes. I like him because he strikes me as honest, and I think in a show like this you need a couple of honest characters to keep from drowning in dishonesty. I do hope his 'death' at the start wasn't real; however I'm sure if he does die it'll be for a really intriguing reason.
Key moments in the first 3 episodes.

  • Sammy the dog remembers: I'm not sure what it is about dogs remembering their owners, but I always find the concept ridiculously appealing. It is classic but super sweet.
  • Declan [aka Eric from Gossip Girl]: Seeing Connor Paolo in this show made my heart skip a beat. I LOVE Eric in GG, and it was sad when they shipped his character to minimal appearances. He is definitely likable as the stubborn younger brother who 'just wants to fit in with the upper crowd'.
  • The boat named 'Amanda': Did anyone else think this was rather charming? I wonder what kind of an impression Amanda made on Jack. Obviously something rather large since he named his prized boat after her.
  • Bitch Victoria taking down Slut Lydia: Highlight of my WEEK. That take-down was priceless, and Gossip Girl-worthy. At a charity function? Giving away the painting from their living room as a reminder of her affair and shunning from high society? Impressive, needless to say.
  • The flashbacks: I always love a good flashback. These are good because they give you a bit of the background story, without giving away too much. It helps tie the 'revenge act' together at the end, because you understand why she picked this person to take down. My only hope is that they don't OVERDO the flashbacks - I like a little mystery to keep my day interesting.
  • The side stories: I like that it isn't just about Amanda's revenge and the plot around her dad - it's also Jack's story, and Victoria's, and a little bit of Danny's. I hope they continue to expand on the other character's histories, rather than just focus on Amanda's - though hers IS fascinating.
  • Cupcake scene at the end of ep 2: Amanda sitting there, lighting one candle on a delicious-looking cupcake, blowing out the candle and wishing herself a 'happy birthday'? Love it. Excellent scene, and way to end the episode.
  • The take-down of the Senator in ep 3: The red-dress lady? The changed script? Exquisiteness played out. It was an excellent act of revenge. My favourite thus far.
  • One final note - the CLOTHES: Gosh. I'd die wearing all those amazing outfits! Dresses especially. I love how when TV shows demonstrate the rich, they really do go upper class.

Overall, I really like Revenge so far. I'm not sure how they will go after the first season - but hey, it's early yet. I don't want to get ahead of myself :) If you haven't watched it yet, you should. It's definitely worth a night of staying-in.

I'll just make a couple of pointers about Ringer, because there's not as much going on - yet.

Ringer - Sarah Michelle Gellar is back.

  • Well. That just about says it all I think. Haha no, I am really proud of SMG for going in a very untypical direction for her. She plays twin sisters Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin, who at first, seem to be able to forgive each other for whatever monstrosity hides in their past - but takes a quick turn when Siobhan leaves Bridget in the middle of the ocean in her boat, and leads her to believe that she is dead. Bridget, on the run from the police because she witnessed a murder and doesn't want to stand trial against the killer, takes on Siobhan's identity and assumes her life. Truthfully, I think it was the story-line that drew me in more so than anything else. We see actors play twins and identical doppelgangers(Oh, Elena<3) all the time, but never do we see one twin that takes over the other twin's life, all the while the other twin is sipping martini's in Paris on some mission of her own. Fascinating!
Some side notes.

  • The drama: Oh, the drama! All the affairs and secrets! One nearly dies trying to keep up with it all. But it is ridiculously good.
  • I am sad for Andrew: I really like Siobhan's husband, and she was cheating on him with her best friend's husband. Firstly - what a bitch. Who does that? Horrible, selfish woman. And Andrew seems so lovely! But I have a feeling there might be some hidden skeletons in his closet. Just will have to wait and see.
  • Gemma - the ultimate best friend: This woman is awesome. She does absolutely everything for Siobhan, and the woman repays her by sleeping with her hubby. Oh, and getting pregnant with his baby. NOT COOL SIOBHAN.
  • The twist that threw everything off: When you find out Siobhan is working with someone who is still at 'home' and you can't think who it would be. Why are they upset Bridget is still alive? What's the deal there? Mystery.
And I think you've all probably had enough now :) They're just a few random thoughts and descriptions of these two awesome shows. You should go ahead and watch them now. Go! Go! *shoos you to your television*

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