Sunday, 23 October 2011

"What's the plan, oh warrior princess?"

Not to be outdone, this week’s episode packed just as much punch (and bites) as last week’s! Granted, the delicious Joseph Morgan was absent this week but Rippah Stefan certainly made up for his absence.

This episode, as Julie Plec described it, is in homage to the very first day of school last year. It’s unbelievable how much has changed. Bonnie, Caroline and Elena decided they’d put that disaster of a prank night behind them and focus on a fresh start. Oh but hold up – it’s a year ago that Elena and Stefan met. Eesh, painful much? I think you take the cake for biggest drama love.

Ok so! Moving on to my...

Favourite moments

Elena and Ric’s fighting sesh: at first I was thinking, gosh Ric, ease up. Then he said his little “I think you found a way to get out of bed this morning and that makes you the strongest person I know. I think you can do pretty much anything.” Naw. Well said Ric! She is, and it’s amazing.

Twister with Rippah Stefan: ohh my word. I would play Twister with him anytime. Even if it meant I’d be snacked on if I fell over (and knowing how I play Twister, that’d happen A LOT). Oh well, just imagining Paul’s teeth on my skin is ridiculously delicious.

Bex and her dramatic entrances: Haha I have to say, Rebekah has me wrapped around her little finger. The way she marched on into the Salvatore boarding house and announced she was going to be staying, and then later when she sauntered into Ric’s history class. What a sly, sexy original. Love it.

Kat feeding Mikael mouse blood: That little montage of Katherine’s as she draped over Mikael’s coffin and tried to get him to drink mouse blood? Ha! I chuckled for a good minute.

Even when he tries to hide something, he’s adorable: Damon: “Is that the bell? Ring ring don’t wanna be late!”

A true homage moment: When Elena left the boy’s bathroom and ran into Stefan. Like old times except... not. I still pretty much adore Rippah Stefan though.

Speaking of Rippah Stefan... That jogging scene! “You think I’m annoying now, just wait til homecoming. Hey, who are you bringing by the way, I don’t want it to be weird.” Pretty sure it’s gonna be weird whatever you do Stefan. “I’m the guy who’s been assigned to protect a human blood bag. I mean, no offence or anything.” So MEAN. But I still drooled. Love him.

Love Jeremy and Anna: Malese is the sweetest little thing. Her eyes are super big and beautiful. I would believe anything she said too. And that ‘touching hands’ moment at the end? So, so sweet. Sorry Beremy shippers. I’m all about the Janna.

“I’m watching you...” Stefan watching Elena at the bonfire is another cute homage to the first one, though this time it’s substantially more creepy than the last. But there’s a knowing look that passes between them that made me somewhat wistful for ‘the old days’. (that moment passed quickly, I needs me more Delena)

Sebastian Roche: So apparently Mikael feeds off dead things, not alive things. Kinda grose, but whatever. I’m too epic excited for Sebastian Roche to be in TVD.

Bex and Damon heating it up with marshmallows and s’mores: Tell ya what, when Damon puts his flirt on I feel like going all ninja. [*chants to self* Jealously is unattractive. Jealously is unattractive. Jealously is unattractive]

Elena’s ‘snap’ moment: “You think I’m gonna let a blood addict tell me how to drink?” ROFL.

Caroline: Always Caroline. Tyler is apparently a “freaky hybrid slave minion”. HA. And in that same scene, I love when Damon tells everyone that Tyler’s been sired and what that means – and Ric’s FACE in the background! LOL. Cue rolling eyes and rolling head (if you can’t remember it go watch it now please. Hil-AR-ious).

Surefire way to get a woman in bed: “Everything I like about me is you”. Sigh. MORE SHIRTLESS TYLER. That is all.

I adore fake-drunk Elena: lazing on the bleachers looking at the stars. Whether she was truly drunk or not, I love this girl. (btw, LOVE that outfit she’s wearing. What a babe)

Stelena moments: True, I ship Delena, but can you blame me for loving Stefan and Elena in this episode? (Read my rant at the end and I’ll explain my views on this further!) Stefan: “Do you have any idea how pathetic that makes you?” Elena: “No Stefan it makes me strong!” and BAM! Wooden bullets in chest! Dramatic exit! That girl is badass.

Mason is BACK: Okay so all the ghosts (most of them anyway) are back from the dead. Umm can anyone say ‘shit’? This is gonna be mentallll. But to Taylor Kinney – welcome back. Can’t wait to see more of you!

And of course, the ULTIMATE favourite moments: Delena. The first one – “What’s the plan oh warrior princess?”. I’ve decided that if you want to get Damon to do something for you, all you gotta say is “Do it for me”. Well, if you’re Elena that is. Man, the sexual tension in that scene! My heart skipped a few million beats. Damon, you can touch my sternum any time you want.

The second one – when Damon is touching up Elena’s face at the end. Elena: “You played your part of the plan really well tonight.” Damon: “Oh yeah?” Elena: “Yeah you had Rebekah drooling all over you and your marshmallows.” Damon: “Yeah before she skewered me... I thought you were too drunk to notice.” Elena: “I was faking most of it.” Damon: “So was I.” [cue me swooning all over the screen]

And in true Jayne fashion, I always have more to say about everything else in the episode.

Bothersome moments

Vicki is a crazy bitch: But a nice one, at first. While that conversation in the car was highly depressing, it’s good to know that Matt had some sort of closure at the end of the day (after he released Vicki and then put her back in ghost world – though apparently allowed every other ghost to come out and play [Damon and Mason... hoo boy!]).

Bonnie and Jeremy have a little tiff: I agree with Bonnie, put yourself in her shoes. Uh oh, that relationship is on the tip of a precipice, I hate to say (not really, because I ship Janna;))

Tyler’s a bit rude, and apparently all jacked-up on Hybridness: OH and then we find out that he’s been ‘sired’ – which (after Tyler and Caroline did the nasty) all I could think was “Shit shit he’s trying to get Caroline to have mini hybrids!” That sired thing is just plain weird. And I think Tyler is liking this hybrid vampire thing a bit too much. The blood? The compulsion? UH huh. And he has gone back to being a dick.

Mystery witch: I really wanna know who this witch is who’s been communicating with Vicki. I don’t like her already.

Dalaric: I miss the Dalaric bromance. That’s all I have to say about that.

Bex STABBED Damon: Ugh. I love Barbie Klaus but nobody stabs my baby and gets away with it. Nobody.

Why does everyone have to cut their hand in order to get something to happen? It’s grose. And Matty, you made a big mistake bringing her back. Just saying (she almost FRIED Elena and Rippah Stefan, whom we all love and would miss just a tad).

To everyone who’s panicking that Kat is dead: NO WAY. There is no way the writers would take such an incredibly strong character and let her die in a wrong-place-wrong-time type situation. Nope, that girl would never go down without a fight. PLUS when has a vampire ever died from having their blood drained from them? (In TVD anyway).

Important things to note

  • If Mikael knows how to kill Klaus – I don’t want him to. I love Joseph Morgan too much.
  • Elena’s blood is still the key. Therefore, there will still be more people coming after her to kill her. It’s not just Stefan, Klaus and Bex she’s gotta worry about.

My confusion

I was thinking – I’m not sure why we could see Vicki but not the other people who had turned into vampires (i.e. Jenna) anyone got a clue why that might be?

Mini rant about Stefan, his humanity and this whole ‘nobody cares about him anymore’ business

Okay so, something that has been wreaking havoc all over twitter is this: “why has everyone given up on Stefan?”. This is my little rant to counter-act/elaborate on this question. (This was inspired by @RippahStefan’s extended tweet. Read it, his rant is epic.

Ok a lot of people have been saying that everyone has given up on Stefan except Elena, and that they've forgotten that he’s had his humanity stripped from him rather than him choosing to lose it. I almost entirely agree with this, but I don’t think that everyone has given up so much as they have had ENOUGH. Can you imagine what they've all been through in the past 24 hours – their senior prank night totally destroyed, with ghosts and Klaus coming back and Stefan losing his humanity and hybrids being created and so on and so forth – all in the one night? I mean, it’s a lot to take in, even for these guys (who have seen their fair share of drama).

As for Damon and his need to help Elena outweighing his need to help his brother – I don’t think we should make such bold assumptions yet. True, Damon is a little blinded by his love for Elena, but did you SEE that concern wash over his face when he saw Stefan playing Twister? It isn't so much that he’s given up – I think he’s resigned to the fact that Stefan is DANGEROUS and so he’s protecting the one person he still can i.e. Elena. And perhaps he’s hoping that Mikael will be the answer as well – perhaps he’s happier to wait it out, where Elena isn't content with sitting still. Where she wants to take action, Damon is content to just keep an eye on him. Some food for thought.

And yes, Elena is the only one who hasn’t given up (which I am kind of inclined to agree with Stefan when he calls her pathetic) but at the same time I think it’s amazing of her – and I think that she has some weird supersonic tolerance level that allows her to see optimism in everything.

Now that I’ve had that rant, some food-for-thought (Stefan-related)

Stefan’s humanity: I don’t think there’s anything left of Stefan’s humanity, per se, but I think his memories are what is wrecking havoc with his behaviour. Klaus didn’t take those away – so Stefan still knows what has happened between him and Elena. And while he doesn't FEEL, he still REMEMBERS. I think that’s a key point to note, and possibly something he can grasp onto even in his compelled state. Examples of this:

  • The jogging scene: Did anyone else notice that, even though Stefan called Elena possibly the most insulting thing ever, he also knocked that guy off his feet cos he ran into Elena? There was totally some of the hidden protective Stefan there. That’s what I think anyway.
  • You’re a lightweight drinker: Stefan doesn’t feel, yet he remembers Elena is a lightweight when drinking. There is that remnant of ‘I should care’ when he’s around her.
  • C’mon I’ll take you home: Catching Elena when she fell off the bleachers (I bet you were wondering when I was gonna mention this ;)), whether it was still memories of Klaus’ compulsion, we are yet to find out, but there was definitely SOMETHING there.
  • Jealous much: Oh but as much as Stefan says he isn’t jealous, he totally is. Or thinks he is. Or wonders if he is. *awkward pause*

Okay I’m done J Sorry it’s a long one haha! What did you think of this episode? Are these cliff-hangers amazing or what? Totally looking forward to next week. Thanks for getting better and better TVD! If you have any thoughts or comments please tweet me! @jayneymoo


  1. Oh, I love your Blog and, of course, the latest episode of TVD :)

    The 2 Delena scenes were incredibly intensive and I could watch them over and over again ;)But as normal the whole episode was great!

    And I'm so Janna, too! Bonnie and Jer are nothing against them! But I'm afraid that this week's episode is the last time we will see Anna (maybe Jeremy's "terrible choice" is a choice against Anna?!) :(

    Concerning Klaus - even if he's the bad guy on TVD, I really DON'T want him to die, neither Rebecca. I love them both!!

    Oh. what would life be without the weekly dosage of TVD?!? ;)

    Sunny greetings from Germany :)


  2. That episode was GREAT, as always. I'm all for Janna too but she's still dead...
    Did anybody else notice that Bonnie was a bitch againts Jer all episode?! He's girlfriends died, is it really that wierd that he's thinking of them?! It's not like he's cheating...
    The Delena scenes were a m a z i n g .. I Ship Stelena but come on, I cant help hearing that voice screaming inside my head " HAVE SEX ALREADY!!"

    Love your blogs!

  3. Wow great blog this week! I think you pretty much covered everything!

    Don't really have that much to say this week other than i love this ep AGAIN. S3 is shaping up to be my fav so far.

    I am so a Janna too :)

    The main thing i liked was the homage to the Pilot especially (even though it's a tiny moment) when Elena bumped into Stefan coming out of the bathroom! Was it the mens bathroom again too? It was such a good way to highlight how things had changed in just a year.

    Elena was so great this episode. I have been waiting for her to be strong like this. I had the biggest smile on my face at the end when she staked Stefan & all her working out had it's reward :) Although she loves Stefan that must have felt good! Just adore Ripper Stefan I have to say, even if he is being a douche

    I miss Dalaric too *cries*

    DELENA WAS SO GOOD THIS EPISODE - that's all i have to say on that ;)