Thursday, 6 October 2011

Disturbing behaviour indeed.


I am at a loss.

Exciting? Surprising? Amazing? Epic? Awesome? Enticing? Delicious? Thrilling? Fabulous? Shocking? Confusing? Incredible?

I can't decide which describes this episode best. And, if it's possible, I actually think this episode was better than last week's.

Now now. Before you throw pitchforks at me, let me throw my thoughts your way.

Firstly, cute moments.

Damon and Elena [kitchen scene]: Oh, how cute were they. Playful punches, bantering over the 'old family recipe' for chili. And then Damon lingering just a tiny bit too long on Elena's neck when he grabbed the necklace. I swear, I LIVE for these Delena moments.

Tyler and Caroline [bedroom scene]: While the passion was interrupted, I loved the little kiss on the head and the "You reek!" spiel. Those two would make charming children (Hmm. I wonder if that actually IS in the works, as Julie Plec teased. I wouldn't mind at all. Thoughts anyone?)

Klaus, Stefan and Bex [shopping scene]: Klaus: "Nice one, good work." Stefan: "You're the one who pulled the dagger out of her." Naw, I love Klefan. Joseph and Paul must have such a good time on set, the two have incredible chemistry, even as blood-thirsty vampire and hybrid.

Katherine and Stefan [the sidewalk scene]: Stefan: "Well if the most diabolical woman I know can't seem to figure it out, then I must be doing something right." Katherine: "Uh huh, oh I forgot. You're bad now. Don't get too cocky." and her :"And I've heard about that sister. Be careful, she'll ruin you." Stefan: "Happy to know you still care." I love these two. I love Katherine. I want her in more episodes. I know in the books she dies, I seriously hope that doesn't happen in the TV show. Like, ever.

Jeremy and Anna [bedroom 'Tell me you can hear me!' scene]: It was super sad when Anna cried at the end, let me just say. But the "You were dreaming about me?" - gorgeous. Surprisingly enough, I am getting into the ghost storyline. I think it might have to do with the fact Malese Jow is as cute as a button. I just want to pick that girl up and give her a hug. Superb job, thank you for your entrancing performance. Team Anna woo!

Jeremy and Bonnie [the hug]: Anna ruined it, yeah, but any time a boy picks up a girl for a hug - delightful.

Weird moments.

Bill Forbes and his tolerance to mind compulsion. Umm, wtf? What is up with that? I cannot work out what his deal is. Suggestions and ideas anyone? I'm all ears.

The kiss between Bex and Stefan. Is it just me, or was it annoying more than anything? I don't know why, but I didn't like it.

Vicki. Well, the references to Vicki. I don't really understand what's going on there, or the whole 'bad ju ju' thing Anna seems to 'feel'. Smeh, we'll find out. All in good time, my lovelies.

The witch wanting the talisman. What does that little necklace DO exactly? The fact she strapped Stefan to a table to cut the knowledge out of him must mean it's pretty damn important. Can't wait to find out.

Favourite moments.

Katherine showing up as Elena (yet again) and taking Damon on a road trip. Firstly, can you say 'bad timing'? Stefan and Klaus rocking up in Mystic Falls just as Damon decides to run off with Katherine? How frustrating! BUT I can't wait to see more Datherine scenes. (P.S. How did Bonnie not know that was Katherine? Seriously girl! You're a witch! Focus!)

Caroline's comments about 'Switching Salvatore's'. Good on you Caroline. Elena needs to face up to these feelings. But I definitely understand why she won't - she doesn't want to be Katherine. AND she still loves Stefan, despite the cries from the Delena fans. Ease up chickens, it'll happen, just enjoy the ride.

Alaric telling Damon off. Ric the legend. And his man-power at the end? Wanting to join the council? Good work Alaric. You totes deserve to be on that council, now that you've cleaned up your drinking act. New Elena/Jeremy daddy? I like the idea!

Klaus, Stefan and Bex drinking the people together. I love the 'brat' teasing. And I love this threesome. Stefan would have made the perfect original, just saying.

Caroline kicking Damon's ass. What a cute ass it is.... ahem. No but 'Go Caroline' :D I LOVE seeing her in the 'tough girl' role, rather than the victim. And the fact that she went to Tyler for comfort doesn't deter from that, just makes it better. Love you Candice Accola.

Damon's blood bender. You know why I love this? (Other than the fact that Damon could do anything and I'd still think he was the hottest vampire alive/dead) Because he's trying to get through to Elena - he's NOT Stefan, and who would want him to be? We love Damon and his bad-ass attitude. Even if he becomes more 'human', I still want him to keep his vampire-ness. Otherwise - what's the point of having a show called 'The Vampire Diaries'. It'd have to be 'The Human Diaries' and that's infinitely more boring.

Sad moment.

Caroline and her dad at the end. One epic sad moment. Bill: "You're a vampire sweetheart. I don't think you'll ever be okay again." AH! My heart broke. Poor, poor Caroline. Thank goodness Mum's on the winning team.

Alright, think that's it my dears. Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate it :) And please, sound off in the comments, or tweet me! @jayneymoo and @janeymoo, you can grab me on either!

And btw - cannot WAIT for next week. Make sure you check out the PROMO: EEEIIIIII :D


  1. Loved reading this review! I agree with you on most parts. Though I like to see Rebekah and Stefan together.. they're hot!

  2. Thank you Dee! I do like Rebekah and Stefan - I just wasn't convinced by the kiss! I'm not sure why.. it was a weird kissing moment? If that makes sense? I don't know, after the 50th time watching it I might change my mind :D

  3. Hellloo I am ashamed to say I wasn't a big fan of this episode at all :( The only things I liked was the DE moments good & bad, & the fact that Elena pretty much admitted her feelings to Caroline

    What I hated was Alaric turning on Damon. It seemed out of the blue to me. They were getting along fine & then all of a sudden he decides to step up the the plate feeling the need to act like Elena's father figure & speak for her. After all Alaric & Damon have been through together - plus Damon's good behaviour in the first few eps of this season along with managing to keep Elena safe, for him to just turn around & be like 'actually Damon i think you should keep away from Elena' seemed really lame. I just don't get why the writers did it, I have no idea where this vendetta against Damon came from. I know they needed something to happen for Damon to want to leave but what exactly does Alaric think Damon will do to Elena? Surely it is better for her to have someone like him in her life who has a grip on himself (most of the time) to Stefan who is teetering on the edge of completely losing himself & who he is.

    Enough on that you can see i'm getting worked up :P

    Another thing i didn't like is where did all this hatred come from Caroline? I know she was pissed at him when she became a vamp & realised what he did but they had made up since then, working together to help Elena. Damon even saved her from Klaus in season 2 & took a bite from Tyler to save her. Even in the eps so far this season they seemed to get along with him letting her host a party for Elena. All of a sudden she has a grudge against him. The line 'doing bad things to good people' left me cold. Did i miss something that was so terrible that Damon did to Caroline to make her feel that way?

    Overall the ep felt really disjointed to me.

    Still pumped for next episode though, it looks like it will be a big one for DE :D:D:D:D:D:D

    Glad to see you are still getting your blogs up nice & quick! Hope I didn't sound angry! :P x

  4. Hello :)

    Well, what can I say about "Disturbing Behaviour"'s devinitely NOT one of my favorite episodes...

    My little Delena-heart is a bit breaking :( At the moment, I really don't believe that we'll ever see Damon and Elena together as "lovebirds" to use Katherines words ;) And slowly I start thinking that Damon deserves another girl than Elena, a girl that really loves only HIM from the very first moment!

    Before season 3 started, it sounded to me like Stefan would totally give up Elena and his "old life"in Mystic Falls. But up to now I didn't see that...he still cares and his highest priority is to protect Elena. I don't know if it's just me but to be honest, I'm a bit disappointed because I expected it different.

    But of course, I'm still looking fordward to see next weeks episode and I'm sure it's gonna be better!

    Greetings from Germany :)

  5. @ Georgina:

    I do exactly feel the same way! What happend that Caroline and even Alaric had such negative feelings against Damon?!? I don't understand...

  6. IKR Sandra? I get that Caroline had a right to be annoyed after all he did to her when she was human but that was all behind them i thought & now she has decided she hates him again? I think she even said that line 'doing bad things to good people' before the whole scenario with Damon & her Dad. It was very strange to me

  7. @ Georgina:

    Yeah, from the beginning of the episode Caroline was kind of mad on Damon and, for me, it came out of nowhere. It looked like the authors needes a reason that everyone's against him...