Saturday, 1 October 2011

The best TVD episode ever... ?

At this stage? I'm willing to say so!

This week's two teaser trailers were only a taste of a ridiculously delectable 40 mins that had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Like eating a packet of mint chocolate slices - the first bite sends you wild with desire, so, in turn, you have to devour the rest of the packet.

I had to physically stop myself from jumping around the living room, that's how great each moment in this episode was.

Thank you Caroline Dries for delivering a complex, beautifully-interwoven myriad of plots that caused me to laugh, cry, grin from ear-to-ear and exclaim in shock (mostly the latter!). I was truly blown away. Exquisite work - simply exquisite.


Let's move on to some spoil-erm, I mean, key moments :)

Alright, this has to be said first.

Hellooo debonair Stefan ;) Phew. I felt a bit hot under the collar when he sauntered into Gloria's bar after snacking on that woman in the (vintage [Crossley?]) car - love it (always reminds me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, those cars).

Stefan, I think you are becoming more delicious in each episode this season too. Keep up the Rippah work (okay, okay, lame I know, I had to do it!)

From what I've seen of Paul Wesley's latest interviews, he's been enjoying playing the 'bad boy'. And so he should! He wears it very well - not to mention that SUIT (more suit-wearing Paul, methinks).

Ok, now, was anyone else highly impressed with the 1920s theme? The flappers, the lounge singer, the outfits?! May I just say, much like Nina Dobrev, I would LOVE to have lived in the 1920s. More era episodes please! Keep 'em coming I say!

I felt so sorry for Caroline in this episode. She always seems to be the victim. I hope she gets to kick some butt soon. But it must be said - Sheriff Forbes? How much her attitude has changed towards her daughter? So, so beautiful. I am so happy for that relationship! And as for her dad - I think he'll come around. All that protectiveness, it'll shape into acceptance soon. I hope.

And one cannot help but be mad about Tyler after this episode. Carrying Caroline? Snuggling her at the end while she cried? They are the picture perfect couple, and Michael Trevino - stop being so freaking gorgeous! I already have too much love for Damon, it can't be shared! It won't!


I have to say, there were so many 'baited breath' moments in this episode. C'mon, Klaus and Stefan in the apartment with Elena? Close call much? I have to say though, how did Klaus not sense Elena was there?! I'm happy he didn't, but Stefan's not the best liar. Hmm. Small thought.

But shocking moments! Stefan feeding that woman's blood to her husband? Stefan teaching Klaus his tricks? Stefan being bff's with Klaus? Klaus compelling Stefan to forget? Klaus compelling Stefan to REMEMBER? It was pretty much the episode of all episodes for Klefan! Like a tweet I made last week, Paul Wesley and Joseph Morgan can stay together for as long as they want. That pairing is my favourite. Also, when Rebekah stabbed Klaus I jumped sky-high, even though I knew it wouldn't kill him. Haha, oh this show.

Alright, moving on.

Oh, Elena. You and your little bubbles of hope. Poor thing, to have those hopes crushed into a million pieces by Ripper Stefan. It's okay though, your knight-in-shining-blood-lust Damon will be there to pick up the pieces. And he's amazing too.

Speaking of Damon...

"You're all road-trippy and grose." - my favourite Damon quote of this episode. Um, is anyone else falling as much in love with Damon as I am? Who IS this vampire? Risking his life just so Elena can see Stefan for a few minutes? I don't know how anyone wouldn't want to be with him! Elena - just friggin pick him. Move on. Capish?

Okay, phew. Breather. Now, my next comments have to do with one vampire only - Rebekah.

WHAT a gem. I LOVE her. Mysterious - check. Sexy - check. Original vampire sister - check. And in love with Stefan? - CHECK. Yes, I am all aboard the Stefan/Bex romance train. S-Bex? Stebekah? Stebex? Ideas anyone? Anyway, can't wait to see more of her. And more of the originals, as I have a feeling that is coming!

Now, OF COURSE I have to mention the vampire-hunters at the end! Katherine being included?! That woman is such a stalker! I am only presuming the man hunting Klaus is his dad - what does everyone else think? But I love how Katherine always pops up unexpectedly - she just can't stay out of the action. Petrova, yes, continue to play your games, we love them.

Can I just say, it was absolutely adorable when Stefan 'remembered' Klaus? And that look on Klaus' face? Gosh, I melted. What a bromance!

So after this episode, all I can think is, when will Klaus discover Elena has the necklace? That she's still ALIVE? Now will we see more originals? Will we have more episodes delving into the original's past? Or even some of the Lockwood and Forbes history? Because I can't help but feel there is A LOT of history there? And after all is said and done, will Stefan be able to come back, in light of Klaus' statement at the end? Elena is being a little naive though, thinking she'd be able to bring him back. Oh, so many questions!! I am intrigued. This show can't help itself, it keeps getting more interesting by day.

On a mini side note: I ADORED the fact Joseph Morgan did the little 'Previously on The Vampire Diaries' statement at the start - yum yum yum (for those of you who follow me on Twitter or have read my previous blogs, you'll know how much j'aime Joseph Morgan/Klaus. Let's keep him around please).

Only critique of this episode? Not enough sweet Delena moments! But I am sure they are to come ;)

Once again, feel free to comment lovelies! Or you can follow me on Twitter: @janeymoo I love to rant about TVD on there all the time :D


  1. I think this is one of my top episodes of all time too :) I wasn't sure I was going to like it at first because at times i get so blinkered with wanting DE moments that i sometimes don't appreciate the show as a whole as I should. However as soon as the flashback started I was completely sucked in. I remember Nina saying it felt like & movie & it really did. I would have been happy if there was no DE in at all to be honest.

    I was on the edge of my seat too when Elena was nearly discovered. I kinda hope that is foreshadowing what i mentioned on your last blog that perhaps Stefan will not be so eager to keep her safe next time not that he will probably go on a blood binge with his best buddy Klaus & completely get swept away in a blood lust!

    I think my fav line from Damon was when he called Klaus 'Honey'. Ha he really isn't scared of anything like you said he was still willing to put himself in danger so Elena could see Stefan. You are right how can you not love him, he is just the best character on the show (IMO).

    Speaking of Elena I'm kinda losing my patience with her. Yes the love of her life has gone & she desperately wants to bring him back & heal him but i feel like shaking her & yelling 'wake up already!' We can't forget she has had all summer before the season started pining for him. Maybe she will wake up soon & realise things will never be the same again. I hate the way she reacted when Stefan mentioned all the innocent humans he's killed, it just went straight over her head. For someone with such strong human values- especially after seeing the promo for next week when she says 'what is wrong with you' to Damon for biting someone next week, i was surprised how flippant they have made her when it comes to dealing with what Stefan is doing. I'm hoping that she's in denial & she snaps out of it & has more fun soon

    Didn't think i would like this Klefan relationship but like you I really do! I couldn't help but chuckle when Klaus said 'Stefan' though like he wanted some of the attention from him. It was a bit of a gay moment which I am sure the Klefan shippers will be blogging the hell out of.
    So looking forward to what they will do next. I want them to go back to their evil threesome ways again for a while just so we can explore a bit more of that dynamic again.

    Great review again- i look forward to next weeks :)

  2. Georgina, you are so right! I totally agree with your comments about Elena - yes, she reacted really pitifully. 'Oh Stefan, what was that? Oh but come back, I'm going to vervain dart you now'. A little bit lame on her part! Yeah, it'd be nice to see her loosen up without 'loosening up' with alcohol or something.. just to let go! Damon is right there in front of her, doing all these amazing things for her, and she is still like 'Stefan! Come back!' when Stefan CHOSE to leave her!!! It's nuts. Anyway! lol

    Have you seen the promo for next week?! I can't WAIT to see a bit more of Stefan and Katherine together, while Stefan is on his binge. And I'm excited to see where the writers take us with Stefan and Bex - does Stefan love Bex more? WILL he love her more? It's so intriguing!!

    I know what you mean about not really noticing the DE moments.. I mean, it was more about Stefan and Klaus this episode. You didn't really need DE moments when last week's were so good! And I was utterly shocked at the Klefan relationship.. it seemed to deepen at least 5 levels to what it was last week!! Stefan really is falling off the deep end now.

    Yes - like you said, hopefully Stefan's blood lust will help Elena move on!! C'mon, bring on some craziness!! :D I love Rippah Stefan! lol.

    As always - thank you for your comments! They are really encouraging, help me want to continue blogging. If you ever get a chance, have a look at some of my other blogs too - I like blogging about anything and everything!! :) If you ever decide to blog totally let me know, I'll be there to support from day one!!

  3. Hi Jayne!

    I just found your blog and I love it!

    Me too, I'm addicted to TVD and especially to Damon!

    The moment I knew that I'd like your blog was when you described the difference between the Stefan-Elena relationship ans the Damon-Elena relationship. I totally agree with you! Damon would do everything for Elena and in my opinion he has just become what she always wanted him to be...the better man.

    So, I can't wait to read your summary of next week's episode :)

    Sandra from Germany

    (And please excuse my bad English...)

  4. Hi Sandra!!

    That's great, thank you so much :)

    Yes, it's funny how the Stelena fans fail to see that! Damon has done so much for Elena, yet they all still ship for Stefan.

    Well, I'm against it. Haha. Bring on Delena! :)

    Dw, even my English is bad sometimes :P

  5. Awww thanks you're a sweetheart :) If i ever do a blog i should really do it this season; i think this will be the one I enjoy the most. I mostly just splurge all my thoughts on the DE thread on - you should come over if you haven't done so already!

    Yes i did see the promo & I saw a still where Elena wasn't wearing her necklace :O Wonder what happened there......

    I read a tweet from JP saying 3x07 is going to be really heartbreaking ( i think that is the one). I hope it is because Elena sees Stefan go absolutely crazy. I love Rippah Stefan too :D