Sunday, 25 September 2011

Brisbane - why I love it [Wednesday 24th August 2011]

I can't help but enjoy the hustle and bustle of Brisbane City.

Perhaps it has something to do with the crisp Cue suit jacket and skirt I have donned today for my interview. Then again, it could be the shiny new stockings I bought at Myer - because there really is nothing like a new pair of stockings.

Or maybe it is just that I have learnt to love and appreciate my city - it may be behind in a lot of ways (transport being at the fore!) but it has this young, excited air about it. There is a freshness where in other cities I have been to, there is an aged, historic feel. Brisbane doesn't have its history yet. It is like the first 50 pages of a novel - unused, inhabited but with still so much potential for more.

One doesn't necessarily feel free in Brisbane, as such, but you certainly feel more welcome than other places I've been.

Yes, I like it here. One tosses up moving or high-tailing it to another country altogether. Yes, they might have the charm, the rich history, and the gorgeous men - but truly, Brisbane is the place to be.

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