Saturday, 4 February 2012

"The worst thing for Elena Gilbert is the two of you."

My delightful blog readers and TVD fans. I've decided that Thursday has officially become my favourite day. Why you ask? Because TVD is on, of course. And this week's episode was one like no other - one we have been hanging out for almost as long as Delena fans were waiting for 3x10 'The New Deal'. Without any further ado, let's relish in the wonder, shock, sadness and horror that was 3x13 'Bringing Out The Dead'.

Our episode begins with the brilliant Elijah, and he's not happy Jan. With a bam bam bam he and Klaus fight back and forth til Klaus holds him at dagger point, and then Elijah states: "Use it, I dare you. You'll have Kol to deal with" and Klaus relents. He then asks Elijah if he will stand by his side and destroy Stefan in order to get their family back. Ah Klaus, more promises, more pleas.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Forbes interrupts a hangover convo between Elena and Ric to show them the weapon that was used to kill Meredith's ex has Elena's fingerprints on it. What. Elena confers with Damon, who theorises that it's gotta be Meredith, but Elena ponders if it's Stefan. Damon quote: "Ah. Makes me nostalgic for the time when Stefan was a bunny-snacking pacifist" *dies*

After Damon hung up the phone I had a brief moment before Elijah appeared that I thought: "PLEASE LET THAT BE ELIJAH" (I think my plea secretly brought him there. Don't tell anyone though). The two discuss the coffin and what might be inside, while Stefan takes Bonnie and Mum Bennett to the mystery coffin. Stefan tells Abby to scrape out whatever magic she has left to work out how to open it, then comes out to find Elena waiting for him. She asks him if he killed the medical examiner, and it's plain as day that he's offended (but seriously Stefan, why wouldn't she be? You were on a freaking bender til like a day ago. Yeesh).

Caroline goes to thank Meredith for saving her dad's life, but Daddy wandered out of the hospital without telling her. Caroline hears her dad's phone (with her brilliant vampy hearing) and finds him with his throat slashed in the cupboard. Oh no. Oh no. Another vampire in the making? Hold uppppp. (I suppose I shouldn't have been shocked. This IS The Vampire Diaries, after all).

Bonnie tells her Mum about Esther's love for her children in order to get Abby to do the duo spell to pop the locks on the coffin. Meanwhile at the Salvatore's there's a SHIRTLESS PAUL and a very cocky Damon rambling on about his awesome un-daggering of Elijah. Stefan, on the other hand, is none too happy about the idea of negotiating a truce with Klaus, and Damon's having none of it. He tells Stefan he'd better not let his feelings screw it up.

At the hospital, Daddy Forbes is freaking out but he's still prepared to die than become a vampire (aw, Caroline's FACE *cries*). Ric takes inventory on all his weaponry and he and Elena work out that somebody's been stealing his weapons and killing with them. The two speculate that it's Meredith's doing, but I'm not so sure.

Damon, Stefan, Elijah and Klaus meet together at Klaus' crib to chat (in LOVE with this foursome. All in the same room? Eating dinner? ARGH AMAZING). Elena tells Caroline she wishes any lady that happens to be in Ric's life wouldn't get mixed up in the vampy business, and Caroline marvels sadly over the fact that her dad's death has brought him and her mum together. Elena is wise with her advice: "The only thing your dad has is his choice" and I hate that you're right Elena. Then Matt shows up to console our lovely Caroline (aw Matty. You ought to get a medal of honour, you're so beautiful).

Klaus brings Elena up at dinner and the allure of the Petrova doppelgänger. Elijah contributes to his ideas with the story of Tatia: beautiful, unattainable, and loved by both Elijah and Klaus. The two toast to "family above all" *clink* insinuating that no girl is worth fighting over. The Salvatore's don't look very happy.

Abby and Bonnie have been magicking away trying to open the coffin, but Abby's heart ain't in it. Bonnie expresses how she pretended Mum was dead when she was little, and then the two try at it once again and flames erupt and the coffin is almost opened. Then BAM - the coffin bursts open. OH my word.

After the brother's throw their proposal at Klaus, he says he will never leave Elena behind because of her blood. Klaus chastises the two and makes them acknowledge that by dating either of them, Elena's only options are death or become a vampire. Klaus quote: "You both believe you're the one who can protect her and that is simply a delusion. The worst thing for Elena Gilbert is the two of you". Ouch, that's gotta burn.

Klaus takes a drink from a hot blonde in front of Stefan, and back at the Gilbert's Matt walks Elena home and has another good chat with her (Matt is like, the ultimate friend. Just saying). They wander into a dark house and find a pool of blood and bloody handprints and footprints everywhere. The trail leads them to a very stabbed Alaric - OH MY GOD. Then to save Ric (in theory) Elena stabs him. WHAT!

Klaus offers the brothers Elena's future happiness and well-being, and while Damon looks a little swayed, Stefan says no deal and gets his hand fried. Then Elijah goes with Damon to get the coffin. Dad and Caroline reminisce a bit and it's very sad like; Caroline asks him to change his mind but he won't because of his beliefs. The scene brought me to tears, may I just say.

Cut back to Stefan and Klaus, and suddenly Elijah and Damon come back - with a troupe of Originals with them! BOOYAH. Rebekah, Kol, Finn, Elijah and Klaus, altogether. Oh, happy family reunion kiddies.

Daddy Forbes passes away (MEGA sad face) while Matt stays and comforts Elena while she waits for Ric to wake up. Damon and Stefan both confess their love for Elena, one after the other, and we all go "Shit, now what?"

Ric finally wakes up (oh my, I had been holding my breath, this show loses enough parental figures), and after a few dazzling threats, MOTHER ORIGINAL WALKS IN. Turns out she ain't here to do what we all thought - she's here to forgive and be a family. HOLEY MOLEY.

There you have it TVD lovers. What did you think? Did you cry like a baby when Daddy Forbes died? Did you want to throw yourselves off a cliff when Joseph Morgan cried? What are your theories on who's killing people round the town and planting Ric's weapons? Did we miss Tyler in this episode? What does the future hold for the Stefan, Damon and Elena love triangle? I'm all ears! Let's discuss!

Til next week gems.

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  1. Gosh, I adore your recaps and every week wait for them as much as for TVD episode! And yeah, I cried so many times this episode...but Joseph Morgan..OHMYEPICGOD Gorgeous, heartbreaking, unforgettable, fantastic (I can put here so many freaking awesome synonyms xD)! I think someone new is in Mystic Falls..someone so maniacal as Hannibal Lector xD My personal opinion, Elena just need to move on and leave both Salvatores..I like both Salvatores very much, but she should choose someone new, someone who deserves her, "new Elena", maybe Elijah even xD What about Esther..I'm a bit confused...I still don't fully trust her now. And I'm eager to see Klaroline so so much..I think next ep. Klaus won't be the biggest badass. From the moment, when Kol entered the room, and how scared was Klaus, I think this Dangerously Sweet Original is a real badass! Yours @ukrainian_candy xD