Saturday, 7 January 2012

Au revoir TVD hiatus. Welcome back new episode.

Welcome back Vampire Diaries fans! Well, it has been a long wait - so long that I was close to spiraling into a blood-drinking frenzy. But fortunately for myself and all the other TVD fans out there, 3x10 'The New Deal' was definitely worth the wait.

Without further ado, let's make Rippah-like waves and dive into this recap!

The last we had seen, Stefan stopped Damon from killing Klaus because he knew that by killing Klaus Damon would die. In turn, Stefan got his humanity back and picked possibly the least humane thing of all to do - take revenge on Klaus by stealing his family. The choice left both Elena and Damon upset and raging and we all wondered what they'd do next.

Now the episode opens with a Bonnie vision - she wanders into the old Lockwood mansion and sees a coffin with Klaus sleeping in it, and his mother's necklace wrapped around his hand. Bonnie wakes up startled and we all kind of look at each other and go 'huh?'

Elena's jogging round the town and gets a surprise stalker in the form of a hunky hybrid (which, let's admit, no person who jogs with their hoodie up is going to be a nice person). Elena tells Bonnie that she's spiraling into insanity, she's feeling so paranoid, and Bonnie brushes off her premonition as "stress". Damon is drinking away his troubles "It's the eve of Klaus-aggeden", while Alaric is mulling over Jeremy's failed paper.

Meanwhile Jeremy and Tyler are now bff's and shooting cans together - or apparently Tyler's as well. Tyler's being a typical dick and Jeremy is worrying Elena. But he's not the only one worrying Elena; Damon being a day-drunk causes her older sister side to come out as well (and some flirty closeness). Then, our favorite hybrid (in all his delicious glory) shows up to ask the two where he might find Stefan... and tells them that he's broadened the scope of it being a Stefan/Klaus problem (oh Joseph. How I missed you being on my screen).

Bonnie investigates her dream in real life and stumbles across Stefan, who is still a little cold and won't relinquish his possession of Klaus' family. Alaric and Elena have a problem with Jeremy hanging out with Tyler, and to irritate them more Jeremy invites Tyler over for dinner. Tyler tries to explain being "sired" as though it's a religion of sorts - and his blind faith has everyone confused.

Klaus invites himself to have a drink with Damon: "I think it's about time we have a drink, don't you?" and the two chat about Stefan's betrayal and how much they have in common. Klaus tells Damon that his family are the ones who have been stolen (I didn't think vervain stopped an Original from being able to compel another vampire? Side note). And seeing as we all know that Klaus was bound to try and get someone killed, it should have come as no shock that Jeremy almost gets killed by a car and Alaric gets dead instead (yay for that ring).

Klaus is apparently building a house for himself and his hybrids, and Tyler begins to question the 'Lord Klaus' that he has devoted his life to. Damon tries to tell Elena what Klaus' plan is, while Jeremy shows just how over everything he is. Elena asks Bonnie to find Stefan, to which she replies "You don't need a locator spell" and Elena and Damon wander over to visit Stefan.

The dead witches ain't happy to see Damon; and neither is Stefan to see Elena. Turns out Stefan is a dickhead which (while super hot) earns him a slap from Elena. Damon crashes his way into the house and has a chat with our lovely Rippah - which ends in Stefan being staked (is it wrong that I still had a sick satisfaction that despite Stefan's crazed drinking habits, Damon still managed to stake him? Hmm love you Damon) and his confession that he stopped Damon from killing Klaus to save his brother went down well (another stake in Stefan ha!).

Jeremy educates Tyler on what Klaus normally does when he wants something, and in turn Tyler warns Jeremy to be careful. Ric comes back to life but not like he normally does - which ends in ambulances coming, being compelled away, and Jeremy beheading a hybrid. Wait, hold up. JEREMY BEHEADED A HYBRID?! I need to take a moment.

Damon convinces Stefan to be in on his plan; cut-throat and devious - "I am so much better at that than you". Stefan reveals the hidden coffins to Damon (turns out witch spirits are using their joo-joo to hide them from sight). Meanwhile Torrey DeVito makes her appearance as Meredith (Dr Fell) and I'm wondering what she's up to. While I'm wondering that, Elena invites Klaus over and gives him Rebekah (whhaaattt Elena?!) and she tells him that she may not be so forgiving of him once he wakes her (one up on Klaus heh heh).

After all of Jeremy's moaning, Elena makes the heartbreaking decision to let Damon compel him out of town (mega sad face). Damon is Elena's shoulder to cry on and their zingyness is practically killing me (little did I know what was to come ;)).

Klaus decides NOT to wake Rebekah (no, I want Claire Holt back!) and Bonnie and Stefan mull over the mystery that is the fourth coffin. Then comes a much-awaited Delena scene - after Damon confesses that Stefan saved him, he decided that he would feel guilty over doing something worth being guilty over - A KISS. And Delena fans die of happiness across the entire planet - while our poor SE'ers groan in heartache. Oh, so very torn Elena is right now.

And there you have it! So what did you guys think? Did you love The New Deal? Was it worth the wait? Are you going to miss Jeremy? What do you think is in the fourth coffin? Will Klaus awaken Rebekah - and just what is his plan now? Do you love dickhead Stefan or detest him? And was it just me, or did you miss Caroline this episode? And most of all - what do you think of the KISS?! Sound off in the comments below! :D Or tweet me - @Jayneymoo :)


  1. Ah how i missed reading these :D
    Great episode as per usual! Loved all the SD scenes, it suited Damon's character so well to get him to stake Stefan twice, that boy really doesn't want anyone to save him. I think he hates the burden of owing someone for saving your life, i guess it would be kinda stressful.

    I am so in love with Rippah Stefan, I want to see more of him, i'm glad he has a big episode coming up next week - have you seen the end of the extended promo, the scene with Elena? Looks so heartbreaking. I really want to know if he does threaten to turn her or not. From what JP said in that link you gave me i'm thinking it's real!

    Anyway back to this episode, i kinda didn't really get why they would compell Jeremy to leave. Especially after she gave up what was probably her only individual leverage over Klaus to make the deal to keep him safe. Why get him to leave after giving up that? I guess that after seeing Stefan she realised that Stefan wasn't going to back down & there was a chance he would come back for Jeremy. Although Klaus usually sticks with his word so i would be sending the rest of the family away not Jeremy! I hate that they took his choice away, I know it's not an ideal situation to find himself in but after what happened last time he was compelled i just think it was a bad idea. Don't know how they would recover their relationship if he finds out she did it again. Gave us some beautiful symmetry from 1x07 though :D

    What can is say about DE!? I loved how many scenes we got this week. One of my fav scenes in S2 was when he stepped in front of her in Rose's friends house (can't remember his name) & we got a repeat of that here. Joseph Morgan was so good in this scene, loved his smirk at Damon.

    The kiss! aaaaaaaaah i felt like shouting good for you Damon! If you're going to punish yourself for something at least make it worth it. That seed is going to grow in Elena's head now, she's not going to forget it anytime soon, it was so lovely. Can't wait to see if their dynamic changes now or if there is some more tension between them! All these gems in scenes & we're not even half way through the season yet!!!!

    Look forward to your next review :D

  2. Great review and awesome episode! *sighs over delena kiss*