Friday, 4 November 2011

"If you wake Mikael then we are all doomed."

This episode gave me tingles and shivers - not to mention that my brain is literally exploding with questions and overwhelmed with the information we've learned.

On that note, let's dive right into this recap.

"And I think this piece goes here.. oh no oops, over there."
Ric and Elena are wandering through the caves muttering about bats (ironic?), and then Damon gives Elena a heart-attack (super hilarious) before telling Elena the old Lockwoods must have hated vampires too. Elena and Ric head into the part of the cave Damon can't enter and they look at the stick figures - oh sorry, cave paintings - and Ric does an all-powerful assessment and says it's Viking script and there's the names of their 3 fav originals. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah. (Elena nearly passes out, she's so shocked).

So it takes us back in time to when Klaus and Rebekah are carving their names on the walls. It's a bit cute; for brother and sister they seem very close. We learn that Mikael is 'papa original' [jaws drop] and thus it mustn't have been made up cave drawings by Klaus.

Sebastian Roche. Om nom nom nom.
Damon is still teaching Elena how to fight (does anybody else not focus on what they're saying when Damon and Elena are touching?) and Elena believes that asking Rebekah is the best way to find out more information. She heads off to speak to her and it doesn't start out well - "If you wake Mikael then we are all doomed. Sounds super ominous. Smeh, bring on Sebastian Roche I say.

Rebekah flashes back to a play fight between Elijah and Klaus (little brother Henrik is there - and I wonder where the other original brothers and sisters are). We find out that Mikael was not all cute and fluffy - he was a bit of a tyrant and had it out for Klaus. Her story is interrupted by a concerned Damon who calls Elena while he is headed to see tied-up Rippah Stefan.

In the cell, Stefan's all like: "Elena's plans never work out" and Damon's like: "Yeah I know bro, so I'm gonna release ya and we're gonna go drink people and whiskey". (And apparently - that plan worked). Rebekah invites Elena over for a fashion show.. and I am instantly in love with her (not that I wasn't before - but she shows how sassy and strong, but also vulnerable and caring she can be). Claire Holt is incredible. Anyway.

Ric invites Bonnie over and asks her to bring the necklace, and in return he offers some great advice about Gilbert men: "Trust me, we learn eventually", I hope so, for Jeremy's sake. We discover that Ric has been playing puzzle and has worked out that the symbol of the necklace means 'witch' which I didn't get meant 'original witch' and 'original mother' - [cue my brain going into overdrive].

Too sad for a witty caption. Love these two.
Rebekah tells Elena about the werewolves and how they lived together in peace for 20 years... until Henrik was killed because of them (and Klaus who was a naughty boy and snuck them out on a full moon). Damon calls Elena in the midst of all this and of course, she hears Stefan in the background and Damon tells her he's "got it". Then we all enjoy more of Rippah Stefan as he talks about his "bunny diet" and flips coins into a glass (how does he DO that?!). It was kind of eerie, the two of them are too similar at the moment. Except until Damon shows his "humanity" later...

Anyway Elena is given a bit of a low-down on vampires by Rebekah, claiming that they are predators and don't care - but Elena is smarter and coys her into talking more (Elena's satisfied smirk.. love). We find out that vampirism was created as 'protection' rather than a 'curse'. It was pride that got them there too.. and they were warned that this magic would breed consequence. Esther and Mikael were told that it would be the makings of a 'plague' and right she was [Ayeanna?]. But Mikael is having none of it - and BAM Esther created the curse in her 'original-witch-ness' (more jaw dropping).

I liked the way Rebekah explained how Esther turned them, "calling upon the sun for life and the ancient White Oak tree (one of nature's eternal objects) for immortality" (her voice gave me shivers). And then - Mikael gave them wine laced with blood and drove his sword through their hearts (I jumped).

"Help me pick a prom dress bitch!"
Flashback again and we find out that Mikael forced Rebekah to drink blood to complete the ritual, and Klaus tried to stop him but failed. Rebekah explains that for "every strength there would be a weakness"; people could now keep them out; the flowers at the base of the White Oak burned and prevented compulsion and the spell decreed that the tree that gave them life could also take it away. But the darkest consequence was the hunger for blood.. OVERLOAD ON INFORMATION MUCH? I don't think I breathed through her entire spiel. Just saying.

Claire Holt is brilliant.
We jump back to present day and Stefan is snacking on Callie in front of everyone. He asks Damon: "What's the point of the jailbreak?" to which Damon replies: "Because I thought you needed a hug Stefan" (lol). And then suddenly - MIKAEL is there! In all of Sebastian Roche's gloriousness. Epic.

Rebekah continues her story. We find out that Esther turned her back on Klaus, and Mikael went on a rampage and killed half the village. But shocker - Rebekah thinks that Mikael killed her mother, but actually it was Klaus - and he's been lying to her this entire time because he didn't want to be alone (naww.... ugh? I am torn).

Then there's this super sweet family moment between Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus (linking hands, together forever). Rebekah explains to Elena that she still loves Klaus, because "he's her brother and I'm immortal". She shouldn't spend an eternity alone! No no no.

[side note: Elena - you might want Klaus dead, but I surely don't]

And now Elena has Rebekah's threat hovering over her - except that might change, with the revelation of Klaus' lie.

Damon almost gets his heart ripped out by Mikael, except apparently Stefan can still care - since he saves Damon's life AGAIN. And Mikael threatens Stefan with his own life if he doesn't lure Klaus back to Mystic Falls.. Dum dum dum.

Ric, Bonnie and Elena are in the caves mulling over the stick figures, and then Elena pieces together the puzzle of Esther's death.. and goes to tell Rebekah. (cue my heart breaking for her.. she looked so upset and lost).

"Yeah, I know I should have hugged her Damon."
P.S. Elena should have hugged her. Her whole world was just ripped apart. Why not give her a little cuddle? Tiny, minuscule even? Just saying.

Stefan tells Damon that he didn't have a breakthrough, but I'm sorry Stefan - you did. And I would so punch Stefan after that statement too. Loved Paul Wesley laying on the ground gasping and chuckling though.
And then - my favourite part of the episode: the famous end Delena scene. Damon just doesn't move from her bed, and I love that Elena gave up and climbed into bed next to him. They share a little moment where Elena talks about the "bond of family". Elena: "I'm not mad at you for letting him out Damon. I think that you're gonna be the one to save him for himself." [soft sigh, pause] "It won't be because he loves me, it'll be because he loves you." Naww. Think on that Damon.

Cue soft loving looks at Elena as she falls asleep. And that's another episode wrapped!

My questions

  • What's the deal with Klaus? Why did he feel the need to kill his own mother I wonder?
  • What will happen now that Rebekah knows about Klaus? Will she go onto Delena/Ric's team or stay sided with brother-dearest?
  • Damon and Elena are all kinds of adorable. And I think that their romance will happen, despite the screams of Stelena fans. I just think that the writers have to explore that option.. what does everyone else think?
  • Is anyone else literally in LOVE with Claire Holt after this episode? Cos I surely am.
  • I'm wondering whether Mikael is all that bad... I mean, Klaus did kill his wife. Hmm.
Alright my dears, have fun reading and sound off in comments! You can tweet me on @jayneymoo or just chat to me in general :D I love your thoughts!


  1. Oh…I really loved the last scene. Not only because of Delena (oh how sweet it was!) but also because of what Elena said, that it’ll be Stefan’s love for Damon that will save him. That’s great - already since last season’s final I was convinced that Stefan loves Damon more than anyone else, even more than Elena.

    I was also moved to tears when Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah vowed to never turn their backs on each other. And even though it was Klaus who killed his mother, I still feel sympathy for him and I really want to keep him forever in this show (as well as Rebekah).

    Concerning Stefan – the new Stefan – he’s so adorable and I don’t want him to be the boring Stefan again we knew in seasons 1 and 2! The Salvatore brothers enjoying their life together, that’s it!

    What will happen to Rebekah? Well, maybe she’ll bring us Elijah back?!

    Delena will happen! Even if Elena chooses Stefan at the end, she has at least to act out her feelings for Damon to be sure that she loves Stefan more (or not?!)

  2. Great review, you literally had exactly the same thoughts that I had - when Elena & Damon were 'fighting' i had no idea what was said, & i still don't! I don't care either i just want to stare at them :P

    I love the flashbacks, from the 1st one I was thinking right, concentrate this is important. Still feel like I need to watch it again to really absorb all the facts because I'm sure it will come up again & again as the series progresses like the curse did in S1.

    Did Mikael go on a rampage killing half the village because he found out his wife had an affair? & why did Klaus kill someone to release the werewolf side of the curse anyway? Wonder if that will be important.

    I don't really get why Klaus killed his mum either. Elena explained it as his mother put a curse on him meaning he would be the only one of his kind & then turned her back on him. So you would think that he would want to break it right if he killed his mother for doing it. But when they had a flashback to the 20's he thought he was some sort of abomination because of it & then Stefan was the one who convinced him it would make him a 'king'. Was it his guilt from killing his mother that made him hate what he was? I just didn't think it quite fitted together.

    Great twist though that Mikael was the Dad & Klaus was the one to kill his mother. I take it Mikael knows it was Klaus who killed his wife? & that's why he wants him dead? I'd like to know what Rebeka(spelling?) thought the reason was for him wanting Klaus dead. Was it purely because he was a hybrid & that he wasn't his son? & what isn't clear to me is does Mikael want Rebekah dead or just Klaus

    Enough originals talk it makes my head spin!

    Loved Elena this episode, she was so smart & really likeable, not whiny at all which she sometimes can be. She's been great lately - more of this please!

    Oh and the last scene slayed me. My eyes just filled up as soon as she said 'it won't be because he loves me it will be because he loves you'. What a perfect perfect thing for her to say to Damon. Aside from that the setting, the lighting, her just being so comfortable with him being there beside her was a lovely touch to show how much closer they have grown now. She's really starting to depend on his support.

    & the way he looks at her, I was just sitting there pouting thinking I want my own Damon to dote on me like that! Really am going to miss TVD during the break :(