Thursday, 18 August 2011

"They Can't" Project

Those of you who know me know the passion that I have for advocating for people with a disability. It's part of my core; now I want it to be part of Brisbane's core.

I have this idea, this project if you will, that if it comes to pass I might just dance a circle in King George Square [haha].

Last week I was talking with Artistic Drama Director Clark Crystal, who runs the Blue Roo Theatre Company - an organisation that empowers people with a disability to get involved in arts and theatre. As we were talking, he told me that he had suggested to some people involved in generating the grants for Blue Roo, and Clark said to them, "Oh, I'm thinking of getting the guys to do 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck next year as a new drama project."

To which the men responded - "They can read?"

If you are as shocked as I was by that statement - then please, keep reading.

My idea, partly inspired by my lecturer from Disability Services, and partly inspired by the clueless nature of those men, is to generate a giant slide show presentation, if you will, titled 'They Can't'. It will host an array of images that show people with a disability participating in the arts - whether that's drama, fashion, music, painting, whatever - with some kind of title that reflects the image. i.e. 'They can't read' - and showing that 'they' can.

It would be my dream to have the slideshow broadcast somewhere in the Valley, or Southbank, or the city. Somewhere that is easily seen by lots of people. And when I mentioned this to Clark, he said that it'd be great if it was promoting the Blue Roo's upcoming performance in December - and I think that'd be fabulous too.

But to do this I NEED HELP. I need the help of my fabulously creative friends! I need the help of your friends! I basically just need everyone haha.

So if you are AT ALL interested in helping me with this project - please! Please please join, or please help me promote this page!

Thank you my lovelies!!!!!!!! :)

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